Really don't know why I picked this up to re-read. Guess I've been seeing it referenced from time to time and wanted to revisit it.

It did introduce me to a new genre called "experimental novels", through which I discovered Ella Minnow Pea, so that was good, I suppose.

I do enjoy reading about the house itself; I less-so enjoy reading the "narrator's" backstory and life experiences. Yeah, the fact that this can make 3- and 4-level-deel footnotes possible is neat, but otherwise, there's a lot of garbage I could've done without.

Really interesting observation I made this time was in looking through the images in the back of the book. I know this whole thing is made up to "seem" real even though it's a work of fiction, but the notecard talking about an alternate way of handling the children's rescue from the house made the whole thing extra meta-meta. Great; now I have to investigate metametafiction.