Not sure when I finished this (which is probably a bad sign), but I've had it on my Kindle for awhile. I think I wanted to hear the "story" of the bookstore Amanda and I used to shop in in Spring Green, WI. Though, I don't quite think this was it! This one was about modern (well, near-future; I always enjoy those) civilization that had been wiped out by a plague but was mostly transferred to a digital environment. Now there's a tension between the "meat" (the flesh-and-blood humans remaining on Earth to maintain the computers) and the residents of Arcadia who are developing the cure for the plague.

I'll admit I probably was skimming through these too quickly. Sometimes I wasn't quite following the story very well, especially when it was told primarily through art. I guess I have a hard time recognizing differences or similarities in people's faces - and that played a key part in the early issues of this series.