Series: Foundation

Hah! I forgot I had actually listened to the unabridged recordings before. I thought I had listened to a muffled unabridged recording and then a not-so-muffled radio drama, but alas I had done a Scott Brick listen-through.

In any case, I'd been looking for something to read on my Kindle and thought I'd attack these. I guess I knew the stories pretty well, but it was a new experience to read the words rather than listen to them. The biggest shock was in how some of the names were spelled.... I tried to remember how they were pronounced in the audiobooks (not that it really matters; it actually usually throws me for a loop when it goes the other way around: me reading the book and getting a name pronunciation in my head one way, and then hearing it a completely different way in the audio version). Where was I?

Oh! Yeah; I knew most of the plot twists, though at the very end of the 3rd book I did realize one surprise I hadn't remembered from the last couple of readings - the identity of the First Speaker.

I may continue on to the sequels. It's refreshing to buzz through e-books that interest me (non fiction has had me slogging through lately).