Now THIS was an audiobook for me to get back into audiobooks! A superbly-enjoyable sci-fi book about the lives of "regular" crewmen on a futuristic starship who ultimately realize their lives are being controlled by a TV show... sort of like the old "Start Trek" show which, of course, exists in their history. Fed up with their friends dying ridiculous deaths to support the "narrative", these crew concoct a plan to go back in time to improve their fate.

The book is incredibly meta as these fictional characters talk with their "creators" and then, especially in the codas, their "creators" talk about dealing with coming into contact with their fictional creations ... and how weird it would be if they themselves were fictional (which, of course, they are).

Aside from the unnecessary crude language (though likely appropriate for the cast of characters being chronicled), I thoroughly loved this book. Wil Wheaton is an enjoyable narrator, too (though he could use some improvement in vocal differentiation, especially in female characters; took me awhile to figure out sometimes who was saying what).