Like the author, I grew up during this "golden age" of Nickelodeon. It was fun to read different people's memories of making several shows I remember watching, but it was also a little weird to read the style it was presented in - completely transcribed interviews. Maybe if I actually remembered actors' names better (or they would've listed their roles in the dialog rather tin an appendix I didn't notice until the end). I could eventually pick up what show they were from, and usually reading the conversations was enough to remind me of the shows that I had mostly forgotten. 

There were, of course  a few shows I didn't remember seeing AT ALL, maybe because they were after my time. But the ones I did, I'm tempted to share with my own kids...and then I watched one or two. Maybe as one of the actors said at the end of the book - it's better to just remember our enjoyment of these shows... They're not exactly the same rewatching them now!