I don't know where I saw this discussed, but there was a reference to a Simpsons comic that showed Nimoy's books "I am Not Spock", "I am Spock", "I am also Scotty". The last one was a joke, but I was surprised to find that the first two were NOT. They were two autobiographies written by Nimoy about his experiences, mostly during Star Trek. 

This one only really covered the TV series; the 2nd one covered his whole history (well, not counting his cameo in the latest Star Trek reboot movies).

I listened to this mostly on the plane to/from a homeschool convention / anniversary vacation for Amanda and me. Lots of good stories, but I remember particularly laughing out loud about his interaction with the studio in regards to handling fan mail. Something about being able to steal all the pencils he wanted... then another letter from someone else in the office complaining about pencils going missing and how they had booby-trapped a stash with a razor blade, only to discover a mysterious sticky green substance on it... followed by a letter from "Spock" asking for better first aid facilities. 'Twas a great exchange!