I suppose it seems weird to include magazines on this list, but I just rediscovered the fact that I purchased a whole backlog of these in a Kickstarter campaign and haven't read more than one or two of them. Beyond that, I've been really stagnating in New material to read lately, so perhaps discovering some good authors through this magazine might fuel some new interests. 

Plus... I keep having the deja vu feeling of having read something already, and this site is a good resource for figuring out if I had. I think I probably read an issue or two (hence why I'm starting with #2), and some things in this one did feel slightly familiar. I don't know if I'll review/summarize EVERY issue, but while I have time, I might as well now. 

I liked the first story best - "No Time Like the Present" by Carol Emshwillet. I skipped Tobias Buckell's story due to too much profanity (plus it seemed awfully similar to a Hal Spacejock story I just read. 

The Zeppelin story by Genevieve Valentine was the most familiar, if a bit dark. I liked the history nonfiction about airships by Gregory Bryant better. 

Finally, while I'm hesitant to avoid George R. R. Martin due to Game of Thrones, I did like the "...For a Single Yesterday' short story that finished this issue. I also remember that from reading this a couple years ago. 

Oh, and The Lisps sounds like an interesting band I should check out.