Very interesting (though, of course, one-sided) biography of Charles Darwin. Some random notes...

Darwin didn't come up with the idea of evolution; the idea had existed for quite awhile. What Darwin did was attempt to seek an entirely naturalistic (God-free) explanation for everything. That, along with some strong competition with others developing the theory, led him to rush some of his publications. Moreover, his theories of eliminating "less-fit" individuals... "provides an open rationale for eugenics and racism."

Darwinism is not a synonym for evolution. Darwinism is a particular approach to the evidence for evolution, a reductionist, materialist approach that excludes the Divine on principle.

It also talked about something that's personally bugged me so much. This issue doesn't have to be so polarizing. 

...another aspect of the Darwin myth, one that he himself helped to perpetuate. The myth places the entirely secular evolutionary approach of Darwin against the irrational approach of scriptural literalists, and asks us to choose: Darwinism or nothing. Either a systematically Godless account of evolution or a young-earth creationism that sees every warbler and butterfly as being immediately created by God.

Why does it have to be one or the other?