Oye. My first foray back into science fiction audiobooks after awhile (long story, having to do with a new car and fun gadgets), and this one was...weird.

I'm not sure how far I was into this before I realized it was a little strange, but it certainly is a bizarre tale. I didn't really equate this to the "steam punk" genre, but that's what most other reviewers seem to label it as (though one says it's "clearly NOT steam punk").

I dunno. I'm not turned off of science fiction (though I'm reasserted against steam punk... I guess I just don't get it), but I probably won't explicitly seek out more works by this author (this won't be a Dexter Palmer year for me).

Actually, maybe I am turned off of science fiction. Browsing the Galena library with my wife for our anniversary, I remembered I enjoyed biographies, and they're probably the one type of nonfiction book I could handle listening to as audio (since I probably won't take as many notes / takeaways as I enjoy using a Kindle for in other nonfiction reads).

Okay. Ramble done. On to other exciting things.