Series: The Circle Series

Hey, this one finally became available just as I was finishing the 2nd Long Earth novel. Sweet! And even better - this one was unabridged! (Though it still had the obnoxious musical interludes between setting changes.)

In Red, we start seeing much more obvious parallels from Thomas's alternate reality to the Christ story. One character in particular (oh, I suppose SPOILER ALERT...), Justin emerged as quite an enigma at first. Seemingly shunned by our main characters for abandoning the main community, we didn't know if Justin was actually a "good guy" or a "secret enemy." But I remember vividly the scene where he talks to two children who had been hiding. He showed such love for them; in particular a girl who had a deformed hand and tried to hide it from him. He told her she was beautiful and kissed her hand. I was pretty much in tears at that point and decided if Justin didn't turn out to be a good character, I'd be abandoning the series. But as my niece rightly appreciates, Dekker didn't disappoint. Justin turned out to be the ultimate "good guy"... but any more than that, you'll have to read the book for yourself!