Another Orlando pick-up, I finished this during my extra 5 hour layover when Delta Atlanta decided to close the gate to my connecting flight 3 minutes early.

I had heard about the strong-willed child (allegedly I've read Dobson's book, or so says my book site), but wanted a refresher, maybe one that was a bit shorter and had more specific action items.

This certainly fits the bill. I got some great ideas on how to better father my couple of children which definitely fit the description. And this wasn't a wild new theory either; the book referenced Dobson's work often.

The only thing that did annoy me about the book was its constant use of the abbreviation SWC... to the point of using the article 'an' in front of it, which was jarring as I kept mentally spelling out the full words in my head ("an strong willed child..."). 

Anyway! I'm glad to have this book on my shelf now, so I can go back and reference it from time to time.