Picked this up at the library; it looked interesting...obviously!

Again, I fell victim to online reviews, as some other people said this contained no more new information than could be found in the special features of the dvd's. Since reading about these movies motivated me to watch some special features again, I could concur wholeheartedly. Often times I watched the features and thought, "I just read about this!"

With all his interviewees though, I thought it a pretty glaring omission that he did not have any interviews with Michael J. Fox (he got many other cast members including Christopher Lloyd and at least one of the "Bob's"). I had a hunch when he didn't acknowledge Fox in the intro and then again after thumbing through his acknowledgements and lists of sources. Indeed, as I read the book, no Fox interviews or even a mention at an attempted interview (which I imagine was at least attempted). Weird for a book about this trilogy.