A really interesting insight into the workings of Evolution.

The premise of the book seemed to be "let's throw out presuppositions about creationism AND presuppositions about solely-materialistic explanations and figure out what's really going on." Essentially the premise is that Darwin's original theory has been co-opted into the 20th century's "neo-darwiniamism" to which the most vocal and prosthelytizing athiests cling, screaming "it's only randomness and time!"

The mechanisms of evolution (in the general term - genetic change & variability) are so incredible they defy explanation for things like how the language of DNA first originated or how it can quickly avert damage brought on by external forces.

Shrugging your shoulders and saying, "it's all random mutations + a lot of time" is just as much a cop-out as saying, "well God just did it." Both sides bring science / investigation to a screeching halt.

I don't think the book truly made the argument that everyone is clearly evolved from a common ancestry, but it shows how genomes amazingly adapt, change, and sometimes combine to form new genomes, as opposed to "random mutations" - often repeating the thoughts "random mutation = noise; noise always destroys; therefore this is not a good explanation for 'how' evolution works."