I actually found this after listening to I, Robot and wanting to hear another book read by one of the Ender's Game narrators.  Now that I'm trying to find his name, I'm not seeing it as the same person.  I'm so confused.... Anyway, onto the review:

Technically this is non-fiction because it mentions many current research projects on robotics - fascinating stuff!  As one of the opening thoughts puts it: "You probably found this book in the humor section.  Let's pray that's where it belongs."  It's a humorous look at how robots could advance far enough to become a threat to humanity and practical ways to stay safe when the inevitable happens.  Frankly I've always assumed that enough science fiction stories like Terminator or the Matrix or I, Robot would be enough to keep people wary enough to never lose control, but this author thinks otherwise.  My latest personal theory is that robots will become intelligent enough to control Hollywood to ban any movie dealing with a robot uprising.  Then after people have forgotten about the dangers, they'll strike.   Maybe I'm just crazy.  Then again, is there any Humanity left in Hollywood?  Oh dear... I'm off on a tangent.

Anyway, a fun, short read, and now I have practical knowledge on how to defend myself in the future.  Hooray!