A new book on the Kindle Lending Library, it looked pretty good, so I picked it up. It was a little jumbled in terms of organization (a fact it acknowledged right away), but it had several good points about how many Christians do a really crappy job of representing Christ to the world, or even to other Christians.

I highlighted some of the really insightful things I read. This wasn't a book of "here's everything that's wrong with us" (yes, he includes himself), but each chapter had practical suggestions on how to improve the situation.

We serve such a forgiving, loving, and accepting God; and yet, His church and His people seem to be angrier and more divided than ever before.

We simply are not being nice to each other. What a great word! Too many Christians run around being the opposite of nice. Mean. They try to force and push fellow Christians to live exactly like them, parent like them, do marriage like them, eat like them, exercise like them, talk like them, vote like them, and despise the same people as them.

The American Christian Church may be the biggest prison system in the entire world.  Only we don’t cut people off from their freedoms; we just amputate their spirits.

Maybe if we enjoyed our lives a little more, played a little more, laughed a lot more, we would be altogether better Christ-followers, and we would run our race to win again.  And winners usually forget there is a race. They just love to run.