So, apparently "Rom-Com" doesn't mean the book is about computers. I still loved this book, and I'm totally not partial or anything just because it's the debut novel from my very own niece. So maybe there wasn't a whole lot of action or futuristic technology, but there was plenty of hardware-related technobabble that makes me think Melissa could come help remodel our bathroom.

It was really nice to read a funny story (I won't say it was nice to read a romantic story, but I guess it was that, too...) without any crap that's in most mainstream books. If I had any complaint it was that there weren't any really bad people. Maybe I'm cynical or have watched too many thrillers lately, but I kept expecting someone to turn out to be hiding a really awful secret or really wreck a plot line in some way, and it didn't really happen. Not much of a complaint for a 'romantic comedy'.