Series: Fleet of Worlds

A bit shorter than the other books in the series (Amazon gave me 320 and 400 page counts. ur...?), this was nevertheless another good story. Spoilers probably follow, so don't continue...

Again, though, it seemed the end was so strange and abrupt... as if we missed part of the story. At one point, everyone is getting along fine and everyone hates Achilles. The next moment, he and the Gwa'oth are in cahoots. I kept expecting there to be some ulterior secret motive underneath everything, but it never came about.  The story was left hanging quite a bit, and it seems like there just has to be more content in between this book and Ringworld. Granted, this book was just written last year, so it's very likely more will come along.

As I'm out of audiobooks in the Known Space collection, I'm half tempted to at least start listening to Ringworld again, now that I know so much of the back story.  Or... I'll find something else. We'll see.