I did it! Mostly thanks to YouVersion's integrated plan feature, I started and completed an entire read through the Bible within a year (even a calendar year!). 

Since I have essentially read the entire Bible before, I figured I'd tackle The Message translation.  I've read enough fundamentalist-based bashing of the translation to be cautious in taking any of it without a little salt, and indeed, there were many times where I bookmarked a passage or made a note like "What are you thinking about, Eugene??"  Being familiar with many of the stories, it was clear when an expression or concept was written quite differently that in other translations.

But to be fair, I really got a good grasp of the Old Testament and how everything worked together. I was reading a chronological plan, which helped, but the everyday language and uber-paraphrasing helped, too. Moreover, though, it's probably that this is my 2nd or 3rd time through the whole OT (I've read bits and pieces many times, but rarely the whole thing). On the downside, it definitely brought to mind more questions I have about the entire thing. It's likely a good thing because now my questions are more concrete than abstract doubtish, but it doesn't actually help answer them.   ...and that's all the vagueness you're going to get on that topic here!

I agree this translation might be okay to read for someone the first time they approach the Bible, but there is so much depth and tradition lost in this version, too. I'm glad I read it after having a firm knowledge of many of the Biblical stories, and I fully intend to continue on reading other translations, not just to just be thorough, but also to continue to stay in a daily habit of reading my Bible - something that's taken me quite a while to get into.


I may or may not continue to post when I read chunks or the entire Bible, since it skews my reading numbers, but this was a good accomplishment this year, as I actually started and finished within a year, thanks to YouVersion's integrated plan feature.