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Sometimes I make strange lists. I'm sure I have some odd ones in my documents or other document archives... and I'm always wanting to add more. So why not put them somewhere where they will always be around!

Biographical / Personality Quizzes

Mostly things I found on my old hard drive(s), but I may continue to add in interested. Each gives you a bit of a glimpse into my (and sometimes my family member's) mind.

Benwords - Things I Make Up

Benwords make me do very lousily in Scrabble (that's a trademark by the way). Benwords make me look dumb on English papers. But someday, maybe Merriam will call me up and say "Hey, Ben? We think you're pretty smart, and we'd like to add your words to our dictionary. Here's $5,000,000." Then again, maybe not.

Actually, most of these are not Benwords so much as they are Ben-portmanteau's, or Bentmanteau's, if you will.

Things I Never Thought I'd Say Before I Had Kids

555 Directory

My personal version of the 555-List (if that link doesn't work, try the Internet Archive version) which I see has actually been updated recently (relatively speaking). I once started keeping my own list of these before I realized there was a much more comprehensive website. Well... for now, I'll keep my own personal list... and maybe keep updating it!

The bonuses of mine are that the table is sortable/filterable/searchable all within this one page. Also, I try to include more details (like an episode name or context), and all my numbers are just numbers. If the original show had something like 'KL5-TAXI', my entry would just be 8294, with the details showing 'KL5-TAXI', so you could see it along with any similar numbers. Since this was becoming a bear to maintain, I took my l33t programming skillz and created an SQL database for it. It's much easier to edit data. I'm even thinking of putting an online-submission form up here (again, only for my own use; at least until I get some buy-in from the other 555-list owners out there!)

2019 - I still think about these each time I see a new 555 number, but it seems like they're all the same. I just don't keep this as up-to-date as I used to.

2024 - Michael's list has been offline for several years now, so I feel a bit more comfortable opening up my DB to include all of the entries on his list. The 'Source' column lists the name of the contributor from his original site. You can also now submit new numbers!

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From Media Details
Contributor Added On
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0000Moe Szyslak - "That's Right, I'm a Surgeon."SimpsonsTV show12x09:HomrMarcus L2001-04-01
0001Montgomery BurnsSimpsonsTV showEp 8x07:Lisa's Date with Density2009-01-26
0001TaxiHarvard ManMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0001Simon Peter GruberDie Hard With a VengeanceMovieAnswer to Riddle (As I was going to St. Ives...)Genevieve Gagnon/Stephanie Fischer1997-10-04
0003A Virrio DDS Inc1-800-DENTIST commercialTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
0012Harry's Help LineHome ImprovementTV showLee Salawitch2002-01-01
0014Harry's Help LineHome ImprovementTV showLee Salawitch2002-01-01
0014Brenda's Reality CompanyGeneral HospitalTV showGalatea1997-12-14
0022Arrested DevelopmentTobias Fünke, MD : AnalrapistTV show617-JL5-00222009-01-01
002924Unknown cell numberTV show317-555-00292009-01-01
0046Yellow CabDawson's CreekTV showDion Murphy2000-01-15
0057Arrested DevelopmentNellie : Conslutant : Tough NegotiatorTV show310-555-00572009-01-01
0070Mike ChurchDead AgainMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
0072TaxiPitch PerfectMovie404-555-00722013-01-17
0077RolandSabrina the Teenage WitchTV showDion Murphy2000-01-15
0078East Side Ruff-form SchoolSimpsonsTV showEp 2x16:Bart's Dog Gets an FGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0087Sara MooreServing SaraMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0098Walter and AbigailThe People Next DoorTV showAmiram1998-02-16
0100Super Soothing MusicToy Story 2MovieTV Ad (800-555-0100)
0100Publishing/Asst. Editor Classified AdBeing John MalkovichMovie212-555-01002011-03-25
0100TaxiResurrection (1999)MovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0100Nick ChenThe CorruptorMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
0100MomMotorola CommercialTV show
0100Dr SchwartzEllenTV showDion Murphy1999-02-21
0100DexterDexter's LaboratoryTV showDan Ness1998-05-16
0100Club AeroleaVegas VacationMovie
0100Building?Fight ClubMovieJeandré2002-01-01
0100Amazon EscortsMementoMovieMichael Thyen2001-09-22
0100"How's My Driving" signAllstate CommercialTV show
0100Fishers Island Public Library Records DeptRubiconTV show516-555-01002013-12-10
0101WIX radio stationAmerican GothicTV showAmiram1998-02-16
0101Dr. MarekGoosebumpsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0101Dean's faxEnemy of the StateMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
0101Buffy (work)Buffy the Vampire SlayerTV showKat Lundigan2007-12-11
0101Answering MachineFX - The SeriesTV showDion Murphy1997-10-04
01012160 Fulton AveFight ClubMovieJeandré2002-01-01
0102Jenna (sitter)JourneymanTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0102"Inner Circle"The X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0103Jack RoseOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0103Doctor Shiro ZamaThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0105Connor Barry Real EstateHe's Just Not That Into YouMovieAdvertisement in gay magazine 410-555-01052009-07-05
0105Job Placement (Classified Ad)Being John MalkovichMovie718-555-01052011-03-25
0106Clerk's OfficeThe PracticeTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0107Special Agent John Stevens (FBI)RoswellTV showJohn Pushnik2000-08-07
0107OswaldThe Drew Carey ShowTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
0107Dr. Clifford CoxThe X-FilesTV show
0107Baxter HouseLast Man StandingTV show303-555-0107 - Missing dog poster2012-06-20
0108Building?Fight ClubMovieJeandré2002-01-01
0109American Idol Voting #SimpsonsTV show888-555-01092010-08-31
0109Gus HolzerOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0110GrandmaJourneymanTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0111Keys Found SignJust Like HeavenMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0111Car for SaleHome Improvement AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0111California Taxi Co.CrossroadsMovie2007-12-11
0111Arrested DevelopmentSelf HypnosisTV show2009-01-01
0111Arrested DevelopmentIce Events & Planning / Bounty Hunter (Yellow Pages)TV show714-555-01112009-01-01
0111King of the HillNight Flyer : Insurance Claims DeptTV show2009-01-01
0112Toni ScaliThe CommishTV show
0112Mikey and ElisaJack & JillTV showMichael Thyen2000-08-07
0112Melrose Place Apt for RentThe Tonight ShowTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0112Fantasy Travel AgencyClockstoppersMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0112FlashForwardSanctuaryTV show310-555-01122009-01-01
0112KidToy Story 3Movie2011-09-18
0113Homer SimpsonSimpsonsTV showEp 12x02:A Tale of Two SpringfieldsAlejandro2001-04-01
0113Sam TedescoOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0113Pat SeltsOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0113Mr. BurnsSimpsonsTV showAlejandro2001-04-01
0113Dana Sculley (cellular)The X-FilesMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
0113Arrested DevelopmentGene Parmesan : Private EyeTV show2009-01-01
0113Arrested DevelopmentParty (Yellow Pages)TV show714-555-01132009-01-01
0114Det. Angela WhiteThe X-FilesTV show
0115Gay Chatline: Connect; Chat; MeetHe's Just Not That Into YouMovie888-555-0115; 1.99/minute or text Chat2009-07-05
0116Arrested DevelopmentCatalina ShuttleTV show2009-01-01
0117Dr. PullenJourneymanTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0118Mathias WhitlockOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0118AlanDeja VuMovieEric Dunlap2007-12-11
0118"I solve Problems. OSU"The X-FilesTV show
0118Extraordinary MeasuresUniversity of Wisconsin : Carl SampsonMovie262-555-01182009-01-01
0119Alison DuboisMediumTV showRamon Russell2007-12-11
0120Angela HayesAmerican BeautyMovieJohn Pushnik2000-08-07
0120LOSTDr Jack Shephard (office)TV show310-555-01202009-01-01
0121Ted's LiquorsEvery 9 SecondsTV showGenevieve1997-12-14
0121Oliver OkenHannah MontanaTV showJagger Estep2007-12-11
0121Michael KritschoauThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0121Lewis BrownOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0121B. McGrainMillenniumTV showKJ5-0121Dion Murphy1998-05-16
012124Meredith Reed : Pay PhoneTV show212-555-01212009-01-01
0121ScrubsTaxiTV show2009-01-01
0122Paul GrinnellMillenniumTV show
0122Mr James' dateNewsRadioTV showMark Plemmons2000-01-15
0122MaryNews RadioTV showA C2007-12-11
0122Dennis RaikmanOnce a ThiefTV showGenevieve Gagnon1998-05-16
0122Dave GoodmanSlackersMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0122FlashForwardBird's PlusTV show818-555-01222009-01-01
0122FlashForwardMissing : Have you seen this child?TV show888-555-01222009-01-01
0122FlashForwardAnabelle Campos (Officers Phone)TV show416-555-01222009-01-01
0122Perfect CouplesPortland's Finest : For Sale : Spike-it! RealtyTV show503-555-01222009-01-01
0123Marge SimpsonSimpsonsTV showEp 18x5:GID'oh2009-06-23
0123Simpson Carpentry - Yes, We're Unlicensed!SimpsonsTV showEp 18x3:Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em2009-06-23
0123900 Making Money Career (Classified Ad)Being John MalkovichMovie718-555-01232011-03-25
0123Star Garage DoorsIBM commercialTV showMichael Thyen2000-01-15
0123Shopping at Home Network (SHN)Saturday Night LiveTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0123QVCThe Tonight ShowTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0123Hoyt & AssociatesThe PretenderTV showDion Murphy2000-01-15
0123GodBruce Almighty (DVD version)MovieMany, many people2007-12-11
0123American DadCIA TelethonTV show800-555-01232009-01-01
0123Saturday Night LiveDinner with LarryTV show800-555-01232009-01-01
0125Connor Barry Real EstateHe's Just Not That Into YouMovieAdvertisement in gay magazine 800-555-01252009-07-05
0125Martin TanleyBeverly Hills NinjaMovie
0125Jason BarfieldOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0125Extraordinary MeasuresUniversity of Nebraska : Dr Robert StonehillMovie402-555-01252009-01-01
0126Natural TalentLarger Than LifeMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-17
0127Walton RothThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0127TaxiCursedTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0127Natural Talent (fax)Larger Than LifeMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-17
0127Luke's ClubGeneral HospitalTV showGalatea1997-10-04
0128Curtis's dream girlMen Behaving BadlyTV showMichael Thyen1997-08-02
0129Moving CompanyMad About YouTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0129Beverly Hills ChihuahuaLost Chihuahua sign : "Chloe"Movie323-555-01292009-01-01
0129Hannah MontanaHannah told Jesse not to call her on the same cell planTV show2009-01-01
0130GramsDawson's CreekTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0130Eric ForresterThe Bold & The BeautifulTV showJimmy Flowers2002-01-01
0130NCISMichael Rifkin cellTV show310-555-01302009-01-01
0132Ryan E.Nynex AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0132Rodgers TransportationThe Fast and the FuriousMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
0132OJ Simpson Bloopers Tape OfferMad TVTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0132O.L. DukeOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0132FBI ClevelandThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0132???MastermindsMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
0132FlashForwardD Gibbons dialed this number from cell during blackoutTV show626-555-01322009-01-01
0132LOSTDr Jack Shephard (cell)TV show310-555-01322009-01-01
0133MichelleMelrose PlaceTV show
0133Special Agent Michael HayesThe X-FilesTV showKL5-0133Michael Thyen1998-08-23
0134Helen LovejoySimpsonsTV showEp 18x5:GID'oh2009-06-23
0134Teddy aka John GMementoMovieChris Houston2001-04-01
0134Mental institutionMilleniumTV showRobert Wictorzon2002-01-01
0134Marla SingerFight ClubMovieTyler Durdan2000-08-07
0134Lonely GeorgeBell AdTV showGenevieve1997-12-14
0134Hong Kong RestaurantHarriet the SpyMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0134Eddie AldenSomeone Like YouMovieMichael Thyen2001-09-22
0135LaurieMotorola commercialTV show
01352400 MotelThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0135SanctuaryFor Sale : Michael DibleyTV show2009-01-01
0136Nora BuchanonOne Life To LiveTV showJimmy Flowers2002-01-01
0136Court ClerkThe PracticeTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0137Post Forensic Cleaning ServiceCurdledMovie
0137Paul EdwardsOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0137Have Bikini Will TravelLaw & OrderTV showMichael Thyen1998-08-23
0137Art's DeliThe Big HitMovieDion Murphy/Michael Thyen1998-08-23
0138Richard Chesler (work)Fight ClubMovieJeandré2002-01-01
0139High School Diploma (Classified Ad)Being John MalkovichMovie212-555-01392011-03-25
0139Candy40 Days and 40 NightsMovie2002-01-01
0139Big Ed's TiresThe Family ManMovieMark Currence2001-09-22
0140CDC Security CorpBeing John MalkovichMovie718-555-01402011-03-25
0141Debby FreemanOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0142Yellow CabMastermindsMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
0142TonyMotorola commercialTV show
0142Section OneLa Femme NikitaTV showDion Murphy1999-02-21
0142Abby MorganDawson's CreekTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
0142???MastermindsMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
0143Robert CabanOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0143QuagmireFamily GuyTV showGeoffrey Ramler2007-12-11
0143Meat TruckThe CorruptorMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
0143Craig NewhausenThe X-FilesTV show
0143Arlo's Quick TowJoe DirtMovieKL5-01432001-09-22
0144Aeden Bennet (mobile)JourneymanTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0145LOSTDr Jack Shephard (exchange)TV show310-555-01452009-01-01
0146Sacha GreenThe Young and the RestlessTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0146After SchoolJourneymanTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0146"I solve Problems. OSU"The X-FilesTV show
0148CarlSimpsonsTV showEp 18x5:GID'oh2009-06-23
0148Erica BeckOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0149Publishing/Editor Classified AdBeing John MalkovichMovie212-555-01492011-03-25
0149St. Victor Notary PublicOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0149Richard Chesler (work fax)Fight ClubMovieJeandré2002-01-01
0149Bo's Tire BarnThe RookieMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0150Consumer Recreation ServicesThe GameMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-20
0151HughJourneymanTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0151Consumer Recreation Services HotlineThe GameMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-20
0153Paper Street Soap Co.Fight ClubMovieFilipe Toscano2001-04-01
0153Consumer Recreation Services (fax)The GameMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-20
0153CharlieSpin CityTV showLee Salawitch2002-01-01
0153Beverly BunnMillenniumTV show
0154LennySimpsonsTV showEp 18x5:GID'oh2009-06-23
0154Frank (cell)Transporter 2MovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0154Dawson's HouseDawson's CreekTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0154Chris WelmanThe PretenderTV showDion Murphy1998-05-16
0154Bill TaylorBeverly Hills 90210TV showDion Murphy1998-05-16
0154AmélieBell AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0154FlashForwardD Gibbons dialed this number from cell during blackoutTV show435-555-01542009-01-01
0155TaxiA Guy ThingMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0155Dickie RobertsDickie RobertsMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0155Safe Havens BabyproofingLast Man StandingTV showEp 1x02; 303-555-01552011-11-27
0156Katie Vasser (cell)JourneymanTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0156City BoardingThe MatrixMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
0156King of the HillBoomhauer travels to Canada in Arlen CabTV show2009-01-01
0157Buddy KaneAmerican BeautyMovieReal Estate Sign (Ac: 847)
0157Tony SopranoThe SopranosTV showMichael Hellesen, Rick Norton2007-12-11
0157The Racer's EdgeThe Fast and the FuriousMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
0157PayphoneThe CorruptorMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
0157KimWatatatowTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0157Fuller & Seigel - Ed Jerse (tel)The X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0158U Keep-It StorageThe X-FilesTV show
0158Fuller & Siegel - Ed Jerse (fax)The X-FilesTV show
0159U Keep-It StorageThe X-FilesTV show
0159Camden home7th HeavenTV showRianne Mulder2002-01-01
0161Guns AmmoThe MatrixMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
0162ChasNed & StaceyTV show
0163"Psychics Wanted"CharmedTV showDion Murphy2000-01-15
0165Special Agent John Stevens (home)RoswellTV showJohn Pushnik2000-08-07
0165Cougar TownLarry Benton Lending, LLCTV show800-555-01652009-01-01
0165FlashForwardD Gibbons dialed this number from cell during blackoutTV show323-555-01652009-01-01
0166Gate's RestorationThe PretenderTV showDion Murphy2000-01-15
0166Dana Sculley (cellular)The X-FilesTV showMichael Thyen2000-01-15
0167How am I driving?SlackersMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0167Building?Fight ClubMovieJeandré2002-01-01
0167RoswellFBI Special Agent John Stevens (Alexandria, DC)TV show703-555-01672009-01-01
0167State of PlayLieutenant Leon ComeyMovie202-555-01672009-01-01
0168Xander (work)Buffy the Vampire SlayerTV showKat Lundigan2007-12-11
0168Sam WatersProfilerTV showDion Murphy1997-12-14
0168Bunyan Key Police (fax)Out of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0168Amanda's AmuffinsNed & StaceyTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0169Steve's Drain ItA Guy ThingMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0169RoedeckerMillenniumTV showDion Murphy1998-05-16
0169KWAZ RadioUrban LegendTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
0169JaniceThe SopranosTV showDavid Dawson2007-12-11
0169Dave KnightOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0169Ghost WhispererBusiness card for Melinda GordonTV show2009-01-01
0170Phil SchneiderOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0170Matt "Legal Advice"Beverly Hills 90210TV showLee Salawitch2002-01-01
0170Bunan Key PoliceOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0171RobardsAmerican Pie Band CampMovie2007-12-11
0171Leon PhelpsThe Ladies ManMovieJack Brejc2002-01-01
0172Ned FlandersSimpsonsTV showEp 18x5:GID'oh2009-06-23
0172Peter WattsMillenniumTV show
0172ConservatoryAmerican Pie Band CampMovie2007-12-11
0172American AirlinesOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0173LilaLost & FoundMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
0173BryceBest Laid PlansMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0173Bayside RealtyDharma & GregTV showDion Murphy2000-01-15
0173Arrested DevelopmentTaxiTV show2009-01-01
0173Arrested DevelopmentLearn Public SpeakingTV show818-555-01732009-01-01
0174Sublet SignJust Like HeavenMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0174Kay's GrillNext FridayMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0174Casey OfficeWingsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0175River North TaxiThree to TangoMovie2002-01-01
0175Know It All Corespondence SchoolThe Weird Al ShowTV showGenevieve1997-12-14
0175Best Restaurant in ChinatownThe GameMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-20
017524Jack Bauer's brother, GreggTV show818-555-01752009-01-01
0176James Quentin HenegarProfilerTV showDion Murphy1998-05-16
0176DylanBeverly Hills 90210TV showLee Salawitch2002-01-01
0176Cory GillisScream 2MovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
0177Lou BolloMillenniumTV show
0177Dan Vasser (cell)JourneymanTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0177"I solve Problems. OSU"The X-FilesTV show
0178Holly RichieOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0178bomb/faxScaliTV showSnorre2000-01-15
0180Yellow Cab Co.ProfilerTV show
0180Marini GuyBell AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0180Building?Fight ClubMovieJeandré2002-01-01
0182SelmaSimpsonsTV showEp 18x5:GID'oh2009-06-23
0182SynagogueScaliTV showSnorre2000-01-15
0182Deed's PizzaMr DeedsMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0183Family GuyMissing Dog Ad : Have you seen me?TV show401-555-01832009-01-01
0184For Sale Sign at Pop's HouseKing of the HillTV showJohn Pushnik2000-08-07
0184Hell SkankSimpsonsTV showEp 22x18: The Great Simpsina2011-06-01
0185Wade Blasingame, Dog LawyerSaturday Night LiveTV showAttorney at Law - Dog SuerStarchick2002-01-01
0185Number in stallChris Isaak ShowTV show2002-01-01
0185Gator'sThe GiftMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
0186Ralph GonzalezOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0186???FlashTV showMichael Thyen1997-12-29
0186Arrested DevelopmentDr Miller (Buster's prescription medicine)TV show714-555-01862009-01-01
0187Royal TaxiLiar LiarMovie
0187Mandy the call girlAny Given SundayMovie
0187Guppy the PlumberThe Rockford FilesTV showTom Davidson2001-04-01
0187Bunyan Key Real EstateOut of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0187Andy the call girlAny Given SundayMovie2000-01-15
0187Aeden Bennet (office)JourneymanTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0187FlashForwardD Gibbons dialed this number from cell during blackoutTV show310-555-01872009-01-01
0187Ghost WhispererBusiness card for Melinda GordonTV show2009-01-01
0188Ray Vecchio's DeskDue SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0188I Walk the LineHouse for SaleMovie2009-01-01
0188TaxiSlidersTV show2x08 Post-traumatic Slide Syndrome2012-01-03
0189FlashForwardD Gibbons dialed this number from cell during blackoutTV show435-555-01892009-01-01
0189Frisky DingoGrace RyanTV show934-555-01892009-01-01
0190Pivital Publications (Fax)The X-FilesTV show
0190Jack VasserJourneymanTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0190How am I drivingOvernight DeliveryMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
0191Main Flo PlumbingJourneymanTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0191Dana ScullyThe X-FilesTV show
01911888 Franklin StFight ClubMovieJeandré2002-01-01
0192Special Agent Peter StrahmSaw VMovie212-555-01922009-11-16
0192Dr. Clifford CoxThe X-FilesTV show
0193PattySimpsonsTV showEp 18x5:GID'oh2009-06-23
0193Dawn (cell)Buffy the Vampire SlayerTV showKat Lundigan2007-12-11
0193Nip/TuckInmate BookingTV show2009-01-01
0194FlashForwardDr Callie Longer, Psychiatrist (cell)TV show323-555-01942009-01-01
0195Carolyn BurnhamAmerican BeautyMovieReal Estate For Sale Sign (Ac. 847)
0196Serpentine DragonRomeo Must DieMovie
0196Red DragonRomeo Must DieMovieJohn Rommel2002-01-01
0196???RansomMovieMichael Thyen1997-12-14
0197PayphoneOlive the Other ReindeerTV showLee Salawitch2002-01-01
0197Dr. Peter Benton (cellular)ERTV show
0197Murhpy's Barber ShopLast Man StandingTV show1x11 - On Poster. 303-555-01972012-04-28
0198Baltimore's Gay & Bi-curious DATELINEHe's Just Not That Into YouMovie888-555-01982009-07-05
0198Mimi's Tree ServiceThe Drew Carey ShowTV showLee Salawitch2002-01-01
0198KateThe Drew Carey ShowTV show
0198Halliwell homeCharmedTV showRianne Mulder2002-01-01
0198Delivery TruckLiar LiarMovie
0198DatelineThe X-FilesTV show
0198"No Such Number"Mr and Mrs SmithTV show
0198FlashForwardD Gibbons dialed this number from cell during blackoutTV show310-555-01982009-01-01
0199??? Guy's Office No. on American BeautyAmerican BeautyMovieOn the Phone
0199Dissing Your dogSaturday Night LiveTV showHow to Train Your Puppy with Mockery and Verbal Humiliation2011-01-30
0199Walden RothThe X-FilesTV show
0199TaxiBest Laid PlansMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0199TaxiAlex and EmmaMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0199Talking PoliticsWag the DogMovieUglyTown Productions1998-01-11
0199Psychic NetworkReality BitesMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0199Pivital Publications (Phone)The X-FilesTV show
0199Pistone residenceDonnie BrascoMovie
0199Order "The Cheese Game"Saturday Night LiveTV showScott Ryan Czasak2002-01-01
0199Nick ChenThe CorruptorMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
0199Monsieur B.Bell AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0199Mathias Whitlock (cell)Out of TimeMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0199Lowell BergmanThe InsiderMovieElizabeth McPartlin2000-08-07
0199Little Donny FoundationUpright Citizens BrigadeTV showPaul and Pei1999-02-21
0199Lester Burnham (work)American BeautyMovieJohn Pushnik2000-08-07
0199JessicaPsychTV showJoe Shamah2007-12-11
0199J. Lyman StoneThe RainmakerMovieMichael Thyen1997-12-14
0199Hotel RoomSwannMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0199Fox MulderThe X-FilesTV show
0199Dick & Dottie ShowMurphy BrownTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0199Cable CompanyThe Italian Job (2003)MovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
0199Becker (office)BeckerTV showGareth J Thomas2002-01-01
0199B. Streisand's Sex TapeMad TVTV showGenevieve Gagnon1998-05-16
0199Apartment for RentTwo Guys, a Girl and a Pizza PlaceTV showDion Murphy1999-02-21
019920/20 Too Hot for TV VideoMad TVTV showGenevieve Gagnon1998-05-16
01991/2 Hour News HourBO magazine featuring Barack ObamaTV show800-555-01992009-01-01
0199Andy Barker, P.I.Long Beach StarTV show2009-01-01
0199NCISMelinda (Dentist)TV show2009-01-01
0199ScrubsLost Cart : $ million rewardTV show2009-01-01
0199FlashForwardDr Callie Longer, Psychiatrist (fax)TV show323-555-01992009-01-01
0206Arrested DevelopmentScrapbooking Made Easy : Professor MunchTV show949-555-02062009-01-01
0210Angela HayesAmerican BeautyMovie
0218???AVIS commercialTV showMichael Thyen1998-08-23
0234Paradise MotorsRelativityTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0235Lost CatApt PupilMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
0245Milgram's FlowersInventing the AbbotsMovieKL5-0245Michael Thyen1997-12-14
0263Bradford FamilyEight Is EnoughTV showAmiram1998-02-16
0267Townsend AgencyCharlie's AngelsTV show
0270"Madonna"The Real BlondeMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
0271Mom at WorkAmerican BeautyMovie
0278Judge Michael HayworthHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-08-23
0287Matt ConradMiami HustleTV show
0318"His Number"Pacific Bell commercialRadio
0342Beetroot McKinleyTwinsMovie2000-12-29
0346Babysitting AdBaby SnatcherMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0362Dr. EgoyanSimpsonsTV showEp 16x17:The Heartbroke Kid2009-06-23
0381Missing DogTwin PeaksTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0400JudgeGTE Wireless commercialTV showMichael Thyen1998-08-23
0423KatieThat's LifeMovie
0463Ralph HinkleyThe Greatest American HeroTV showAmiram1998-02-16
0485Jorge AbascalNynex AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0488Clancy Wiggum SimpsonsTV showEp 14x13:A Star is Born-Again - On his actor's face sheet2009-04-14
0526Babysitting AdBaby SnatcherMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0555$$$Now What?!BookNo title; just says 'Big Money can be yours!' Joke on cover2009-05-02
0585David XanatosGargoylesTV showvze2vdvz2001-09-22
0589NinaThird Rock From the SunTV showTimothee Besset2000-12-29
0599Brady residenceThe Brady BunchTV showRika2002-01-01
0612FlashForwardSanctuary : There is a New WayTV show310-555-06122009-01-01
0669"Response"MillenniumTV show
0681???Sprint PCS commercialTV showMichael Thyen1998-08-23
0690TrinityThe MatrixMovieOpening Telephone Trace
0712Ada GronikKentucky Fried MovieMovie(updated in 2024 from 'Atomic Detonator service')James Riggs2002-01-01
0713Milo Records Lt.TakenMovieBeverly Hills 310-555-07132011-06-27
0743Goose's Gags and GiftsSimpsonsTV showEp 16x5:Fat Man and Little Boy2009-05-05
0828Anonymous InformantNowhere ManTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0840Danny McGrafBilly MadisonMovieMichael Thyen1998-02-16
0859Mom's CellAmerican BeautyMovie
0866Bridal ShopDue SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0867Aaron NelsonJust WrightMovieHead athletic director of the Phoenix Suns2011-09-18
0913Kenny LacosePicket FencesTV showAmiram1998-02-16
0918Terry's MomThe Ghost in the MachineMovie
0920Al's TowingDiscover Brokerage commercialTV showKJL-0920Michael Thyen1999-02-21
0933Emergency Psychic ServicesOne Night at McCool'sMovie2001-09-22
0935Judge Warrick UngerHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-05-16
0944WaldoBenny and JoonMovie
0947Senator Johnstone HomeDue SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
0999Bus DriverThe John Larroquette ShowTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1000Yellow Cab CoThe Fast and the FuriousMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
1000Sleep-Eazy MotelSimpsonsTV showDion Murphy1998-05-16
1000Police DepartmentStriking DistanceMovieDion Murphy1999-02-21
1000MeditransRemo Williams: The Adventure BeginsMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
1000Det. Lisa KramerAlong Came PollyMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
1004Ferrell's 5 & 10c StoreDark SkiesTV show
1012Cancer Man's bossThe X-FilesTV show
1013Agent ScullyThe X-FilesTV showJulie Schroeder2001-04-01
1020Valerie Iron's ProtectionVIPTV showDion Murphy2000-01-15
1024The Atrium - Service LevelMillenniumTV show
1028???The CraftMovie
1030Cigarette Smoking ManThe X-FilesTV showGeert Bollen2001-09-22
1037Paper ad for Used Xword PuzzlesLate Night with Conan O'BrienTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1047Paper ad Looking for WifeLate Night with Conan O'BrienTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1056Babysitting AdBaby SnatcherMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1070Lisa and Randi Radio Show2010Movie2011-09-18
1079Fred SanfordSanford & SonTV showSierra2002-01-01
1082Kaitlan200 CigarettesMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
1093Room for RentTwitch CityTV showGenevieve Gagnon1998-05-16
1094Stuart and CarterSpin CityTV showChristian2001-04-01
1097Libby's OfficeLife Goes OnTV show2010-10-25
10995 Lakes TruckingReindeer GamesMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
1101Rev. Lovejoy (w)SimpsonsTV showEp. 8x17:My Sister, My Sitter (Deleted Scene)2009-04-22
1103Mayflower RealtyInventing the AbbotsMovieKL5-1103Michael Thyen1997-12-14
1107???The InsiderTV showRick P2001-04-01
1111WMYL radio stationFrankie and JohnnyMovieAmiram1998-02-16
1122Nicky's Royal Flush PlumbingEasy MoneyMovieDion Murphy1998-02-16
1125???RansomMovieMichael Thyen1997-12-14
1129JillMiller Lite commercialTV show
1130"Response"MillenniumTV show
1134Hillard MirandaMrs DoubtfireMovie
1134Stargate UniverseColonel David Telford's illicit cellTV show202-555-11342009-01-01
1138The Big DigSay It Isn't SoMovie2002-01-01
1152Varn's hideawayHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-02-16
1173Larry HubbardThe Lonely GuyMovie
1187Lou & Ethel BeckerOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherBuletin Pamphlett
1198Senator Johnstone CellularDue SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1209Mr Stein's OfficeMiami HustleTV show
1211Phillip GreenawayThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1212Websitewww.555-1212.comOtherPeople Search Online
1212Covet House Catalog Phone Order NumberSimpsonsTV showEp 8x20:The Canine Mutiny2009-04-23
1212RogerSamsung commercialTV showMichael Thyen2000-01-15
1212Payphone in MaineThe SopranosTV showGreg Guzik2001-04-01
1212Hotel FaxHeck's Way HomeMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1212City CabHoly MatrimonyMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
1212Century 21 Real EstateCentury 21 commercialTV show
1212Brady residenceThe Brady BunchTV showNidash2002-01-01
1212???Radio Shack commercialTV showMichael Thyen2000-01-15
1214Keith MaylorThe Pelican BriefMovieRoman Buttner2001-09-22
1214Oasis.comFor Sale signCommercial2009-01-01
1221TaxiMillenniumTV showDion Murphy1998-05-16
1223WaitressMike HammerTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1226Nick MarshallWhat Women WantMovieCesar Leao2001-04-01
1232Missing MonkeyMonkey TroubleMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1234Correct TimeSimpsonsTV showEp. 8x17:My Sister, My Sitter (Deleted Scene)2009-04-22
1234Roommate WantedNow What?!BookJoke on cover: Studio apartment: no heat, no hot water, no vu. 212-555-12342009-05-02
1234Number to ID SantaSanta Claus?MovieNath2007-12-11
1234CellphoneCrest commercialTV showScott Ryan Czasak2002-01-01
1234???I Still Know What You Did Last SummerMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
1234Samsung MythicUnknown cell numberCommercial972-555-12342009-01-01
1235DoctorLife Goes OnTV show2010-10-25
1236Mike RoarkVolcanoMovieGenevieve1997-12-14
1237???Every 9 SecondsTV showGenevieve1997-12-14
1238Vivian's cell phone numberDays of Our LivesTV showLisa1997-12-14
1239Moe's TavernSimpsonsTV showEp 2x14:Principal CharmingGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1239???Duracell commercialTV show
1241Barbara Striesands accountantNUTSMovieTom Bailey1998-05-16
1246Claudia DraperNutsMovie
1251Dad at WorkAmerican BeautyMovie
1251Speidel Watch BraceletSpeidel commercialTV show
1257Mr. Wilson's officeConspiracy TheoryMovieMichael Thyen1998-05-16
1264Josh BergerPac Bell commercialTV showMichael Thyen2000-01-15
1269JamieE.N.GTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1271Jonathan and Jennifer HartHart To HartTV showAmiram1998-02-16
1285CIA boss MeyersonHopscotchMovie
1287Bogie Lowenstien10 Things I Hate About YouMovie2001-09-22
1294SkylarGood Will HuntingMovieMichael Thyen1997-12-29
1300Simply Elegant "Flowers and Dreams"SabrinaMovie
1300Capitol CabStar Trek IV: The Voyage HomeMovie
1311Dr Hugh HarrisThe Twilight ManMovie
1313TaxiThe ExTV showGenevieve Gagnon1998-05-16
1313Mossey MotorsRaising HelenMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
1316St. Martins-in-the-Fields rectory phoneRansomMovieMichael Thyen1997-12-14
1322Doctor JosephtonDue SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1326KatThe Wedding DateMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
1326Fortune Cookie AdvertisementsThis is a BookBookby Demetri Martin2011-12-23
1327Metropolitan Taxi Cab Co.HunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-04
1340Video StoreGTE commercialTV showMichael Thyen1998-09-07
1342LLoyd DoblerSay AnythingMovie
1352Sara Pollard88 MinutesMoviePer Kopp2007-12-11
1367Frank Black (cellular)MilleniumTV show
1369Thelma AtkinsHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-17
1378Juianna LivingstonNew Best FriendMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
1387SchoolLife Goes OnTV show2010-10-25
1389Dr Edgar CaldicottDisturbing BehaviorMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
1414Southport CabsBad BoysMovie
1414Soto CabNash BridgesTV showDion Murphy1998-05-16
1439Tiki Motel Room 9The TerminatorMovie
1479Roritor Pharmaceutics FaxThe Kids in the Hall : Brain CandyMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1497Drew's OfficeLife Goes OnTV show2010-10-25
1517Dr. BerubeThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1517Dr ErlenmeyerThe X-FilesTV show
1525DoctorHarvard ManMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
1534Project Mayhem HQFight ClubMovieJeandré2002-01-01
1537Angus MarinThe PretenderTV show
1539The PalaceBoiling PointMovie
1547Late Night Plumbing SuppliesLate Night with David LettermanTV show
1551"Response"MillenniumTV show
1586Ancil & Mary AndryOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherBuletin Pamphlett
1604Watch CommanderShadow ConspiracyMovie
1612Juan Verde Real EstateOpen HouseTV showAmiram1998-02-16
1639Tiki MotelThe TerminatorMovie
1654Jonathan and Jennifer HartHart To HartTV showAmiram1998-02-16
1678For Sale SignThe Horror ShowMovie
1679Casey ShayneGuiding LightTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1680Marital Stress HotlineSimpsonsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1709SimpsonsMarshall GoldmanTV show2009-01-01
1713Grandma ThacherLife Goes OnTV show2010-10-25
1723Storage 123BladeMovieSnorre2000-01-15
1728Not ErnieFarsideComic# God was trying to reach, from The Chickens are Restless, see also 7138, 3178, and 17822013-01-17
1734Yellow TaxiDrivenMovie
1734N.Y.C. TaxiSeinfeldTV show
1762StorageBladeMovieMichael Thyen1998-09-07
1782Ernie MillerFarsideComicThe Chickens are Restless, see also 7138, 3178, and 17282013-01-17
1790Jonathon TragerSerendipityMovieJoe Hall2002-01-01
1793Andrew (the chef)Sudden DeathMovieJakke2002-01-01
1809Craig McHughMystery DateMovieAmiram1998-02-16
1817Steven Taylor (work)A Perfect MurderMoviePerry J. Hopkins2002-01-01
1819Five ToneHudson HawkMovieDaniel Powell2001-04-01
1821Mr. McCandless (work)FreejackMovieAmiram1998-02-16
1863(Scott Valentine)Object of ObsessionMovie
1871JarodThe PretenderTV showDion Murphy1998-05-16
1874TaxiWhat Women WantMovieDiomedes Ventura2001-09-22
1898Newarr Scott Inc1-800-DENTIST commercialTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
1919Space For RentDue SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1919North Shore (towing)The SentinelTV showDion Murphy1997-12-14
1934LynnMajor LeagueMovieTom Bailey1998-01-11
1943KimberlyBrainscanMovieRoman Buttner2001-09-22
1969Kristi EliotSilk StockingsTV showMichael Thyen1998-08-23
1987Ray BergerThe End of ViolenceMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-28
1989Tommy Five-ToneHudson HawkMovie
1996Home Shopping NetworkStreet CentsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
1999"Response"MillenniumTV show
2000Fell Vazalaree DDS MS1-800-DENTIST commercialTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
2000Armageddon Man's Cell / FatherMilleniumTV showFlorine Cleary2001-04-01
2000???Cosmic SlopMovie
2001???Cosmic SlopMovie
2020GhostbustersGhostbusters IIMovieDion Murphy1998-02-16
2048Frasier's HouseThe Ghost in the MachineMovie
2078Judge Michael HayworthHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-08-23
2084Paper adThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2093Bauer's MomThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2100White Water TaxiTaking the FallsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2106Firefighter For HireThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2114The girls' moblie phone numberThe American GirlsTV showAmiram1998-02-16
2117Broke No More; Make $$$; Play banjo for FUN, PROFITSimpsonsTV showEp 6x17:Homer vs. Patty & Selma - Joke Ad2009-04-11
2121TaxiDark SkiesTV show
2121Joel GoodsonRisky BusinessMovie
2121DIX Bar and GrillThe Inspectors 2: A Shred of EvidenceTV showJason Steele2001-09-22
2121Century 21Field of DreamsMovieDion Murphy1998-02-16
2131Thomas MagnumMagnum P.I.TV show
2131KAB radioThe FogMovie
2134The Stephens houseBewitchedTV showAmiram1998-02-16
2134Mt Olympus MotelCupidMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
2134???CupidMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
2141Roger OzacEvery 9 SecondsTV showGenevieve1997-12-14
2147FBIMisfits of ScienceMovie
2210Commercial Space For RentSimpsonsTV showEp 22x20 Homer Scissorhands2011-06-12
2222WBK-AM radio stationMr. BelvedereTV showAmiram1998-02-16
2222Top Hat TaxiFinders KeepersMovieAmiram1998-02-16
2222Capital CabContactMovieMichael Thyen1998-08-23
2223Moira LixerCarmen SandiegoGameWhere in the World . . .
2227TaxisThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2227Checker Cab CoWerewolfMovie555-CABSMichael Thyen1999-02-21
2229The Baby Photo CompanyBaby's Day OutMovie555-BABYSzajd2001-09-22
2253Someone in Springfield Phone BookSimpsonsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2253Really Real CakesFramedTV show555-CAKE
2255Doctor Josephton (cellular)Due SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2256Scaredy Cat Dentistry1-800-DENTIST commercialTV show555-CALMMichael Thyen1999-02-21
2278Bart SamsonCarmen SandiegoGameWhere in the World . . .
2282JadeBulletproof MonkMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
2285Don & Gail Adams, Maria & TiffaniOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherBuletin Pamphlett
2300"Response"MillenniumTV show
2310Video StoreLast Action HeroMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2312SanDeELA StoryMovieMichael Thyen1998-05-16
2312Mary RichardsMary Tyler MooreTV show2000-01-15
2321Mary RichardsThe Mary Tyler Moore ShowTV showAmiram1998-02-16
2323Missing ChildGuiding LightTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2330???Funny FarmMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
2331VickiMarried...With ChildrenTV showSnorre1999-02-21
2332Russell UptonWitchboard 2MovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2345Rogger BlackOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherBuletin Pamphlett
2345JoelThe IntrepidsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2350Fox Mulder WorkThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2362Susan NewhallSimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2362Cathy NeuSimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2364Joe RorchekCode RedTV showAmiram1998-02-16
2368Tony BarettaBarettaTV showAmiram1998-02-16
2368The JarrettsOrdinary PeoplMovieGregory Pietsch2002-01-01
2368Real EstateAlong Came PollyMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
2368Motel Room phoneMementoMovieMichael Thyen2001-09-22
2368KojakKojakTV show2007-12-11
2368Jim RockfordThe Rockford FilesTV show
2368Jaime SommersThe Bionic WomanTV showAmiram1998-02-16
2368Hotel PhoneJane Austen's Mafia!MovieMichael Thyen2001-04-01
2368Guiler residenceClose Encounters of the Third KindMovieDion Murphy1997-08-02
2368Det. Sgt. Rick HunterHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-08-23
2368Howard T. DuckHoward the DuckMovie618-555-23682011-09-18
2370House For SaleFriday the 13th, the SeriesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2378Wanted ad in Beston GlobeThe Last SeductionMovie555-BEST
2380Adam HirshE.N.GTV showGenevieve Gagnon1998-05-16
2389Asbestos RemovalChain ReactionMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
2390Jerry SeinfeldSeinfeldTV show
2415CharlieThe SentinelTV showDion Murphy1998-08-23
2415Callaghan & Son Estate FurnitureWhile You Were SleepingMovie
2423Rev. Lovejoy (h)SimpsonsTV showEp. 8x17:My Sister, My Sitter (Deleted Scene)2009-04-22
2424Tanner FamilyFull HouseTV showAmiram1998-02-16
2445Chunky ChickenDemonic ToysMovie555-CHIK
2447Julie WilliamsDays of Our LivesTV showBeth1997-12-14
2447Every Tooth is a Work of Art1-800-DENTIST commercialTV show555-CHIPMichael Thyen1999-02-21
2456Global Airlines DomesticThe CraftMovieMichael Thyen1998-08-23
2463Joey LaMottaRaging BullMovie
2468Ace Chimney Co.Nynex AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2473DianeShaftMovieBarbra Crowley2001-04-01
2480TaxiARCO CommercialTV show
2483The Dental Gourmet1-800-DENTIST commercialTV show555-BITEMichael Thyen1999-02-21
2539Stefan N. ZifferWho is Oscar Lake? GermanGameNumber 1
2542Gio - Sheerah's Voice CoachTakenMovie310-555-25422011-06-27
2558Brian & Liz Hunter, Luke & CodyOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherPoster
2600NY Landlord; Mad Magazine Building; Floors 3-5SimpsonsTV showEp 9x01:The City of New York vs. Homer SimpsonDion Murphy1998-05-16
2603Dana (work)Ghost WorldMovie2001-09-22
2638ACME Crime NetCarmen SandiegoGameWhere in the World . . .
2638For LeaseCaroline in the CityTV showDion Murphy1999-02-21
2657Capt. B. J. HunnicuttM*A*S*HTV showAmiram1998-02-16
2662Anna IjoCarmen SandiegoGameWhere in the World . . .
2663Buick Riviera For SaleDue SouthTV showJason1997-10-04
2663Mr Ice Cream ManSweet Valley HighTV show555-CONE
2668NY Parking Violations Bureau (212-555-BOOT)SimpsonsTV showEp 9x01:The City of New York vs. Homer SimpsonGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2687Vernon Sawitsky, The Human BlockheadLarger Than LifeMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-17
2694Chinese AdForever KnightTV showGenevieve1997-12-14
2700Teddy's Auto ServiceMichaelMovieJL5-2700Michael Thyen1997-12-14
2717Christian Broadcasting ChannelSouth ParkTV showScott Ryan Czasak2002-01-01
2720Taking Care of BusinessTaking Care of BusinessMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2731Dee Dee McCallHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-01-11
2735Warren RatliffThe Pelican BriefMovieRoman Buttner2001-09-22
2738Sgt. GordelloSex, Drugs, and Rock n' RollMovie
2747Ron Trout DDS1-800-DENTIST commercialTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
2804Zeus Self-StorageThe X-FilesTV show
2804Scully at QuanticoThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2822Father DowlingFather Dowling's MysteriesTV showAmiram1998-02-16
2828Matlock: The ThiefCar Service MechanicsTV show2009-01-01
2834Vera Louise GormanAliceTV show
2849Dr. Marvin Monroe's Canine Therapy InstituteSimpsonsTV showEp 2x16:Bart's Dog Gets an F2009-01-26
2849Canine Therapy InstituteSimpsonsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2878Bundy ResidenceMarried... With ChildrenTV show
2880Linda Bowman CommercialThe X-FilesTV showDion Murphy1998-05-16
2883Cute bunnyGiselle's I Want the Fairytale VideoTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2895Simon and SimonSimon and SimonTV show
2899Medway Jera DDS Inc1-800-DENTIST commercialTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
2910GusHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-28
2932Kanisky FamilyGimme A BreakTV showAmiram1998-02-16
2934Martin LynchMercury RisingMovieMichael Thyen2001-04-01
2934Brian FieldsWitchboard 3MovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2960Adam's RibsM*A*S*HTV showMatt Scully2001-09-22
2966Your Certified GoddessMotorola commercialTV show
2966FishermanSprint AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2975Solid Gold TelethonSCTVTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
2978County CoronerLast GaspMovie
2991"Response"MillenniumTV show
3000Seattle PoliceFrasierTV showGareth J Thomas2002-01-01
3000Luis BergerThe End of ViolenceMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-28
3000ACME EngineeringLast Action HeroMovie
3001Luis BergerThe End of ViolenceMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-28
3013Hart and Mancini DesignMelrose PlaceTV show
3084Youth Crisis LineSimpsonsTV showEp. 8x17:My Sister, My Sitter (Deleted Scene)2009-04-22
3089Mario Bros. Plumbing ServiceSuper Mario Bros.MovieKL5-3089Michael Thyen1999-02-21
3099Stanley and Helen RopperThe RoppersTV showAmiram1998-02-16
3100Moving CompanySabrinaMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3100Amanda KingScarecrow and Mrs. KingTV showAmiram1998-02-16
3114Carver's InsuranceWhat's Eating Gilbert Grape?Movie
3117???Denise Calls UpMovie
3119Kristine LiptonGenetic KillersMovieRoman Buttner2001-09-22
3119AdDumb & DumberMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3124EricDiagnosis MurderTV show
3126Zeke HawkinsSliverMovieDion Murphy1997-09-28
3127(competing plumber)Super Mario Bros.MovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
3128(competing plumber)Super Mario Bros.MovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
3130(competing plumber)Super Mario Bros.MovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
3131(competing plumber)Super Mario Bros.MovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
3139"At Large" 800 numberThe Fear InsideMovie
3141Houston InvestigationsMatt HoustonTV showAmiram1998-02-16
3144McKenna Real EstateBedroom EyesMovieTrevor Burford-Reade1998-09-07
3150PayphoneMy Fellow AmericansMovieScott Ryan Czasak2002-01-01
3169Babysitting AdBaby SnatcherMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3178Not LarryFarsideComic# God was trying to reach; from Prehistory, p 117. See also 7138, 1782, and 17282013-01-17
3182PeterJumping Jack FlashMovie
3210WinoDuckmanTV show
3212Sergeant Al Powell's faxDie Hard 2MovieAndy Myers2001-04-01
3213Argyle's limo cell phoneDie HardMovie
3214Advertising SpaceGhostwriterTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3223In Your Face RecordsGhostwriterTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3223Homer (Plow King episode)SimpsonsTV show
3223KOMG radioScary MovieMovie555-FACEMichael Thyen2001-09-22
3224Robert GavilanGavilanTV showAmiram1998-02-16
3226Pretzel WagonSimpsonsTV showMichael Thyen1997-08-02
3226Mr PlowSimpsonsTV show
3232Eastside TaxisDue SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3233Hart IndustriesHart to HartTV show
3234Brainscan HotlineBrainscanMovieRoman Buttner2001-09-22
3268A Patch of BlueEarliest known 555 usage from 1965Movie2009-01-01
3271David WilsonThe Pelican BriefMovieRoman Buttner2001-09-22
3273Graham LubbockJust the Ten of UsTV showAmiram1998-02-16
3279Wanted ad in Beston GlobeThe Last SeductionMovie
3283First Sight TelepersonalsComics!TV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3283Dating ServiceMr. WrongMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3290TaxiFunny FarmMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
3295Calvin CanboroTribulationMovie
3298TaxiThat Thing You DoMovieMichael Thyen1998-08-23
3298TaxiNick of TimeMovieMichael Thyen1997-12-14
3298N.Y.C. TaxiMeet Wally SparksMovie
3298Moscone TowingBoston CommonTV showDion Murphy1997-12-29
3298Metro TaxiHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-01-11
3298Max Taxi-Cab ServiceThe MasterMovieDion Murphy2000-01-15
3298California Taxi Co.A Low Down Dirty ShameMovieDion Murphy1998-05-16
3299Veronica BriskowWorth WinningMovieAmiram1998-02-16
3305The Rebel BarBlackoutMovie
3310Kate PalmerNo Way to Treat a LadyMovie
3311Missing FatherE.N.GTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3322Yellow Cab Co.HunterTV showDion Murphy1998-01-11
3324Business Card numberHotjobs commercialTV showRob McKay2001-09-22
3324Global Community HeadquartersSoul HarvestAudiobook896-555-33242011-09-18
3329Eunice Harper HigginsThe Carol Burnett ShowTV show
3332Ernie's cabSlitherMovieAmiram1998-02-16
3340James MackaySea of LoveMovieAmiram1998-02-16
3365LanaRisky BusinessMovie2001-04-01
3366The Live 1 Demolitionist HotlineThe DemolitionistMovie555-DEMO
3371DatanetThe Ghost in the MachineMovie
3410Steve and Donna Freeman - Sara & TyOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherPoster
3421Police HotlineRuthless PeopleMovie
3421Bedroom HotlineRuthless PeopleMovie
3422Hardgrave River TourMurder on the Rio GrandeMovieAmiram1998-02-16
3425The Denise ShowSaturday Night LiveTV showPablo Escobar2001-04-01
3428Frank KelloggSea of LoveMovieAmiram1998-02-16
3434Search for John DoeThe PretenderTV showDion Murphy1997-08-02
3436Sara McKennaSaraTV showAmiram1998-02-16
3454(various)Night StandTV show555-DiKiMichael Thyen2000-01-15
3455Cosmo KramerSeinfeldTV show555-FILKGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3456Movie PhoneSeinfeldTV show555-FILM
3457Looking for LoveSimpsonsTV showEp 3x16:Bart the Lover2009-03-01
3457Springfield Dog Pound (Or Simpsons' home?)SimpsonsTV showEp 3x19:Dog of Death2009-03-01
3460Patriot GamesCell phoneMovie2009-01-01
3461Lucky's PizzaThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3464Anne RyanPatriot GamesMovie
3472Spring ShieldSimpsonsTV showEp 3x22: Papa's Got a Brand New Badge (area code 636)2009-04-11
3497Dan & Jill EdmondsOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherPoster
3535Remington Steele InvestigationsRemington SteeleTV showAmiram1998-02-16
3537Hostages' HomeThe RefMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3564Scully CellularThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3564Dana Scully (cellular)The X-FilesTV show
3566Dana Scully (cellular)The X-FilesTV show
3567KLOW RadioHello LarryTV show
3568Jack Kenderson (cell)The $treetTV show2000-12-29
3600Special Agent Pat McCluneThe Spanish PrisonerMovieMichael Thyen1998-08-23
3617Jason ReinhartThe Pelican BriefMovieRoman Buttner2001-09-22
3621Keenan (taxi)Ally McBealTV showMichael Thyen1998-08-23
3625Unified Chemical WarehouseHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-02-16
3630Dr. Harry WestonEmpty NestTV showAmiram1998-02-16
3636Peter FarrellI Married DoraTV showAmiram1998-02-16
3642Julius M. Hibbert, M.D.SimpsonsTV showEp. 8x17:My Sister, My Sitter2009-04-22
3645DeniseBell AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3648Cookie Kwan RealtySimpsonsTV showEp. 14x13:A Star is Born-Again (555-DO IT)2009-04-14
3652Jennifer NeuSimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3668Rosie's Celebrity Items SaleThe Rosie O'Donnell ShowTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3671KarlHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-02-16
3678Newton familyBeethovenMovie
3692Mike MaxThe End of ViolenceMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-28
3696ElizabethThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3697Roman & Marlena BradyDays of Our LivesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3697Molly BrinkerDays of Our LivesTV showBeth1997-12-14
3700Dr. Marvin Monroe Subliminal tape ClubSimpsonsTV showEp 3x23 - Bart's Friend Falls in LoveGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3713Post Haste DispatchWilliam Shakespeare's Romeo and JulietMovie
3726Santos L. HalperSimpsonsTV showEp 8x20:The Canine Mutiny - 'Home Phone' on Bart's Credit Card Application2009-04-23
3727Murray and Marry SlaughterThe Mary Tyler Moore ShowTV showAmiram1998-02-16
3743CONTROLGet SmartTV showAmiram1998-02-16
3784Solid Gold TelethonSCTVTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3793JillyHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-28
3799"Tickets for Stevie Wonder"CarwashMovie555-DRZZ
3804SisterNynex AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3812Girl's Home Phone NumberLast Action HeroMovie2009-06-23
3812Girl in ACME VideoLast Action HeroMovie
3820Phone BoothBrainstormMovieAmiram1998-02-16
3825The Walsh FamilyBeverly Hills 90210TV showRoman Buttner2001-09-22
3825Russian CriminalDiamondsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3832BarbaraDenise Calls UpMovie
3864Denis GrantMancuso F.B.I.MovieMichael Thyen1998-05-16
3870Jerry ShowRingmasterMovie2000-01-15
38721-800; How am I Driving? - On Jackknifed sugar truckSimpsonsTV showEp 6x02 - Lisa's RivalGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3889For Sale SignThe Naked GunMovie
3892Financial FreeedomFalling DownMovie
3900Teen Driving SchoolTop GunMovie
3902Yellow cabGetting OutMovie
3904For a Good TimeEntertainment WeeklyTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
3949Jennifer TaylorCupidMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
3970Cetation InstituteStar Trek IV: The Voyage HomeMovie
4000Salem University HospitalDays of Our LivesTV showBeth1997-12-14
4005Grandma FlandersSimpsonsTV showEp. 8x17:My Sister, My Sitter (Deleted Scene)2009-04-22
4040CTLS Channel 10inE.N.GTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4043Air Taxi ServiceNorthern ExposureTV showGenevieve1997-12-14
4044Tanners residenceALFTV show
4062TexThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4083???Overnight DeliveryMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
4085???Beverly Hills Cop 2MovieTakashi Kitamura2002-01-01
4100Majestic Cab Co.The Incredible HulkTV show
4102JanieGirls Just Want to Have FunMovie
4111Gunter's attack dogRuthless PeopleMovie
4124Ann RomanoOne Day at a TimeTV show
4132James SaundersShatteredMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4141Reno (cell)RenegadeTV showSimon Hargreaves2002-01-01
4141Lew Archer (work)ArcherTV showAmiram1998-02-16
4142Ann RomanoOne Day At A TimeTV showAmiram1998-02-16
4144???The SilencersMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
4171MaudeMaudeTV showDave Andrew2007-12-11
4200The EqualizerThe EqualizerTV show
4200Mr. & Mrs. DavisStreet LegalTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4202StickNashville BeatMovieAmiram1998-02-16
4202Kate Libby (aka Acid Burn)HackersMovie
4211(Sharon Stone)The SpecialistMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
421124Unknown cell numberTV show212-555-42112009-01-01
4212Ted JeffriesWKRP in CincinattiTV showGeoffrey Whitman2000-08-07
4213JadeEndless LoveMovie
4218Flower ShopChain ReactionMovieDion Murphy1998-09-07
4222TaxiFreddy's Dead: The Final NightmareMovieRoman Buttner2001-09-22
4240OTV Modem PoolHackersMovieDamian2001-04-01
4242Jennie PicoloHappy DaysTV show
4247Hair in a CanTeam Knight RiderTV show555-HAIRDion Murphy1999-02-21
4247Morrie's Wig ShopGoodfellasMovie555-HAIR
4278Heart Surgery Channel TelethonThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4292Detective DavisThe Disappearance of ChristinaMovieAmiram1998-02-16
4300The BatmanBruce WayneTV show555-43??2009-01-01
4301Babysitting AdBaby SnatcherMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4315Apollo Real EstateHeck's Way HomeMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4319Swarthout RealtyFletchMovie
4320Ridley TaylorMurder By PhoneMovieAmiram1998-02-16
4320John StarkCowboy WayMovieAmiram1998-02-16
4321Remington Steele InvestigationsRemington SteeleTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4321Paul's MotherMad About YouTV show
4326Office private phoneOne of My Wives is MissingTV showBrian Boswell2002-01-01
4327Cal HudsonBaby SnatcherMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4328Maggie & Mickey HortonDays of Our LivesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4329Chip DouglasThe Cable GuyMovie
4331Sam SmothermanI Love TroubleMovieAmiram1998-02-16
4343Jiffy JeffThe Tonight ShowTV showBob Nelson "Jiffy Jeff" Skit - 1st Number
4344Bob NewhallSimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4352Peach PitBeverly Hills 90210TV showRoman Buttner2001-09-22
4357Community ComplaintsJoe's ApartmentMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4359Royal Flamingo HotelRevenge of the Nerds IIMovie
435924President Charles Logan (cell)TV show917-555-43592009-01-01
4365Ralph HinkleyThe Greatest American HeroTV showAmiram1998-02-16
4365Claire McCarron's mobile phoneLeg WorkTV showAmiram1998-02-16
4373Dr Josephton OfficeDue SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4375Irene WalkerPrizzi's HonorMovie
4376EricaGhostwriterTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4378Royal Brotherhood of the Kings of Queens LodgeAll in the FamilyTV showAmiram1998-02-16
4385Emmit "Doc" BrownBack to the FutureMovie
4396The Maury Povich ShowSouth ParkTV show555-Hey-Maury (# from HEYM, see also 6287)Scott Ryan Czasak2002-01-01
4397Nick TortelliThe TortellisTV showAmiram1998-02-16
4400Jay Austin MotorsFlywheelMovie2011-09-18
4418State Personnel DivisionMission: Impossible (1988)TV showDion Murphy1998-08-23
4420Bleecker St. CinemaDesperately Seeking SusanMovie
4422MusiclandHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-02-16
4425Heck RyderCarmen SandiegoGameWhere in the World . . .
4427Teil MossSimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - Phonebook2009-04-11
4431Kimberley Sayers (White House)Dark SkiesTV show
4433Peter PatzyAfter HoursMovie
4433JulieAfter HoursMovie
4439Frank BannisterThe FrightenersMovieMichael Thyen2001-09-22
4444Family Heart CenterRoboCopMovie
4444Dog GroomingRugratsTV showKevin Saunders2001-09-22
4444Coffee TalkSaturday Night LiveTV show
4444Heart Implant SurgeonRobocopMovie800-555-44442011-09-18
4447Babysitting AdBaby SnatcherMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4459Melissa CoolidgeBeverly Hills 90210TV showRoman Buttner2001-09-22
4468N Somebody (cutoff)SimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - Phonebook2009-04-11
4515Maggie & JackFaithfulTV showGenevieve Gagnon1998-05-16
4520Rowland ConstructionBeautiful GirlsMovie
4521Larry AdlerHello LarryTV show
4525HackersRamon Sanchez aka (Phantom Phreak) phoned from jailMovie2009-01-01
4532Beach HouseBeverly Hills 90210TV showRoman Buttner2001-09-22
4538Billy VincentHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-04
4600Executive RealtyHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-28
4611Grandma SophieLife Goes OnTV show2010-10-25
4612SantaPacific Bell commercialRadio
4616Amanda and Rick Tucker (home)Tucker's WitchTV showAmiram1998-02-16
4626Mr. McCandless (car)FreejackMovieAmiram1998-02-16
4626Ross' pagerFriendsTV show55-JIMBO (J is 5, so # is from IMBO)Michael Thyen1999-02-21
4639"Budman, West & MacLean"E.N.GTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4648Reverend BillyMotel HellMovie
4667Rampart HospitalEmergency!TV showRichard Yokley2001-09-22
4669Donna and Evie GarlandOut of This WorldTV showAmiram1998-02-16
4673Night of Hope TelethonE.N.GTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4678Virginia Phone BookThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4678?The SentinelTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4679Mike PetersSwingersMovie
4680Gus WitherspoonOur HouseTV showAmiram1998-02-16
4700Dearborne St StationM*A*S*HTV showMatt Scully2001-09-22
4711CherylLabatt's commercialTV showDion Murphy1998-01-11
4713Jesse VasquezBeverly Hills 90210TV showRoman Buttner2001-09-22
4721John BlackDays of Our LivesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4723AllstateFor SaleCommercial2009-01-01
4731Brentwood Drug Rehabilitation CenterGotcha!Movie
4738Lily McGuireApologyMovieAmiram1998-02-16
4762Det. Nick KnightForever KnightTV showGenevieve1997-12-14
4768Nick Tortelli (work)The TortellisTV showAmiram1998-02-16
4768Jimmy BerluttiThe PracticeTV show555-GRNTDion Murphy1997-12-14
4774Rose ChinHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-02-16
4796Plow KingSimpsonsTV show
4796Jake StilesJake and the FatmanTV showAmiram1998-02-16
4817Lisa BlairHackersMovie
4823Jennifer's GrandmotherBack to the FutureMovie
4838Iris BufordHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-17
4847Marvin Monroe's Family CenterSimpsonsTV showEp 1x04:There's No Disgrace Like Home (555-HUGS)2009-02-09
4847Gus WitherspoonOur HouseTV showAmiram1998-02-16
4865"Talk to Real Men"A Very Brady SequelMovie555-HUNK
4867The Gum Works1-800-DENTIST commercialTV show555-GUMSMichael Thyen1999-02-21
4871Andrea's dorm roomBeverly Hills 90210TV showRoman Buttner2001-09-22
4873Butch BowersFlywheelMovie2011-09-18
4875JackieRisky BusinessMovie
4875For RentIf Not For YouTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4892Bryman School of NursingSlums of Beverly HillsMovieMichael Thyen2001-09-22
4942Jessie CatesNight MotherMovie
4945Billy Todson's parentsThree's CompanyTV showJason Nugent2001-04-01
4976TaxiSpy HardMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4978WAJB RadioProfilerTV show
4982For RentFriday the 13th, the SeriesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4987Capitol CabThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
4996Beth BilockNynex AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5011TruckBeverly Hills Cop IIMovieAmiram1998-02-16
5050Chris Lecce/BillStakeoutMovie
5104Michael & Elliot's Ad AgencythirtysomethingTV show
5141Dexter Colt - Private InvestigatorSimpsonsTV showEp 14x08 - The Dad Who Knew Too Little2009-04-12
5163Phone boothThe Last SeductionMovie
5215Jacky Taylor's HomeBeverly Hills 90210TV showRoman Buttner2001-09-22
5217Babysitting AdBaby SnatcherMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5225Frasier's Radio ShowFrasierTV show555-KACLGareth J Thomas2002-01-01
5246The Nuclear PowerplantSimpsonsTV showTony Coffell2000-12-29
5253Stefan N. ZifferWho is Oscar Lake? GermanGameNumber 2
5261PayphoneThe Goodbye GirlMovie
5269Karla Wolff - Private NumberWho is Oscar Lake? GermanGamePrivate Number
5284Stephen / Major Hollywood StudioPac Bell CommercialTV show
5290Agent Matthew AshleyThe PretenderTV showDion Murphy2000-01-15
5293KathyLate Night with Conan O'BrienTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5299Lionel PutzSimpsonsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5323Luis BergerThe End of ViolenceMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-28
5335Dingle DonutsMore Tales of the CityTV showMichael Thyen1998-08-23
5361Bernie MaxwellRainbow DriveMovieAmiram1998-02-16
5373Cable GuySeinfeldTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5375Jerk HotlineThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5400Cranham Realtyit's like, you knowTV showMichael Thyen2000-01-15
542224Unknown cell numberTV show218-555-54222009-01-01
5426The Nuclear PowerplantSimpsonsTV showTony Coffell2001-04-01
5432MamanBell AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5456Kay McDonaldNynex AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5464Mattress KingFriendsTV show555-KINGGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5466Kula KabalaCarmen SandiegoGameWhere in the World . . .
5471Second HarvestLonely KnightMovieAmiram1998-02-16
5472Lisa Simpson's Missing Girl Poster (Free Beer! that I have your attention...P.S. No Free Beer)SimpsonsTV showEp 15x13:Smart and Smarter2009-04-22
5510Sara ThomasSerendipityMovieJimmy Flowers2002-01-01
5540Abigail's MotherGuiding LightTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5543Jeb NeuSimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5555Ready-Made ResumesNow What?!BookJoke on Cover: Got no skills? Got no experience? Fake it! 1-800-555-55552009-05-02
5555Big AlQuantum LeapTV show
5555Doctor Harold's Sex LineThe Red Green ShowTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5555Hotline (Kermit the Frog)Sesame StreetTV showStuart Pollock2000-01-15
5555SantaRugratsTV showMarc Gilliland2001-09-22
5555World RealtyClarissa Explains It AllTV showScott Ryan Czasak2002-01-01
5555Family GuyConsuela watching Abogados commercialTV show2009-01-01
5615Watkins Brothers TowingThe A-TeamTV showAlex Morris2007-12-11
5624Barth GimbleFernwood 2-NightTV show
5633Worcestshire Sauce Emergency HotlineSouth ParkTV showMichael Thyen1998-02-16
5639Joey's Art SchoolShipmatesTV show555-JOEYJohn Cox2002-01-01
5642Outrageous FortuneShelley Long in a police van stakeoutMovie2009-01-01
5647The King of QueensArthur Spooner cellTV show555-LOGS2009-01-01
5666Jono PsychicStreet CentsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5680NY MetroSimpsonsTV showEp 9x01:The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson (Ad: Have You Been Injured in a Subway Accident?)Dion Murphy1998-05-16
5683Escort ServiceSeinfeldTV show555-LOVEGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5683Prof. Joe Butcher's showLicense to KillMovie555-LOVEAmiram1998-02-16
5683Radio Love 108 FMDo The Right ThingMovie555-LOVENic Mason and Tim Street2001-09-22
5683TV donation phone numberLicence to KillMovie555-LOVEDion Murphy1997-12-14
5688Brooke KingsleyTrojan WarMovieMichael Thyen1998-09-07
5696"Response"MillenniumTV show
5712Mr. Wilson's OfficeConspiracy TheoryMovieDion Murphy1997-09-04
5777KQRS RadioJingle All the WayMovie555-KQRS
5782Prof Fink's LabSimpsonsTV showEp 8x07:Lisa's Date with DensityJesse Forster2002-01-01
5858Karla WolffWho is Oscar Lake? GermanGameBusiness Number
5888Frankie TaglialucciCarlito's WayMovie
5925Daffy Duck HotlineDaffy Duck cartoonTV show555-KWAKFord Prefect2001-09-22
5935The Ben-Stark HotelNowhere ManTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
5945KWIK CabPensacola: Wings of GoldTV show555-KWIKMichael Thyen1999-02-21
5967D. StackhouseNynex AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6023Bradford FamilyEight Is EnoughTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6023Devon KingMidnight CallerTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6059Darrin Stephens (work)BewitchedTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6060Baxter FamilyThe New Adventures of Beans BaxterTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6060Quinn FamilyIt Takes TwoTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6077Dr. Alyce HunterForever KnightTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6080Babysitting AdBaby SnatcherMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6090???The MatrixMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
6111Cook Needed - Pete's EatsSimpsonsTV showEp 6x17 - Homer vs. Patty & Selma - Joke Ad2009-04-11
6111Amanda and Rick Tucker (work)Tucker's WitchTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6126White & BlazevichThe Pelican BriefMovieRoman Buttner2001-09-22
6134In the Best Interest of the ChildUpright Citizens BrigadeTV showPaul and Pei1999-02-21
6161Stevens FamilyBewitchedTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6161The Brady FamilyThe Brady BunchTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6162The A-Team's mobile phone numberThe A-TeamTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6176Animal HouseShatteredMovieAmiram1998-02-16
6190CalvinGhostwriterTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6215Marlon Brando's HomeSaturday Night LiveTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6231PharmaKon SecurityJohnny MnemonicMovie2010-01-18
6235Laura HoltRemington SteeleTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6239TerryAt Close RangeMovieHenrik Schyffert2001-04-01
6239Realty - For Sale SignHoney, We Shrunk OurselvesMovieOn house across the street2013-01-17
6246Mr. MachoWKRP in CincinnatiTV show555-MCHO
6258Homer Simpson (Home)SimpsonsTV show
6262Lisa CaseyMission: Impossible (1988)TV showDion Murphy1998-08-23
6270Central Moving and StorageRide with DeathMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
6273Frank & Gloria JonesOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherPoster
6275MarkDouble HappinessTV showGenevieve1997-12-14
6277BerniceDuckmanTV show555-MARRYME (# from MARR, see also 7963)Philip White2002-01-01
6287The Maury Povich ShowSouth ParkTV show555-Hey-Maury (# from MAUR, see also 4396)Scott Ryan Czasak2002-01-01
6302Frederica BummelThe Silence of the LambsMovieAmiram1998-02-16
6311For Sale signNorthern ExposureTV showMichael Thyen2000-01-15
6312Earn Cash for Your Teeth!SimpsonsTV showEp 9x01:The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson (Subway car ad)Dion Murphy1998-05-16
6320Bo Brady's BoatDays of Our LivesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6321Ford FairlaneFord FairlaneMovie
6321Jane Butterfield RealtyBeetlejuiceMovieLarry Snyder1997-08-02
6321Pharmakon IndustriesJohnny MnemonicMovieDion Murphy1997-12-14
6336Candy SloanSpencer: A Savage PlaceMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6342Pierce & PierceAmerican PsychoMovieSamir M. Patel2002-01-01
6349?Remington SteeleTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6382Sunshine Cab CompanyTaxiTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6402Missing Child (Bobby Glass)Freddy's Dead: The Final NightmareMovieRoman Buttner2001-09-22
6410SteveFull HouseTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6419JasonBlood and WineMovieDion Murphy1998-09-07
6421Mrs. Dith PranThe Killing FieldsMovie
6425Dr. Nick's Walk-in Clinic (Complete Confidentiality)SimpsonsTV showEp. 8x17:My Sister, My Sitter (555-NICK)Richard Carter2002-01-01
6431Dana Scully (home)The X-FilesTV show
6432Mick and SueCrocodile Dundee IIMovieAmiram1998-02-16
6439Dominic (cell)The Fast and the FuriousMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
6449MatthewMurder on the Rio GrandeMovieAmiram1998-02-16
6453Mike's TowingTransformersMovie555-MIKEMichael Thyen2007-12-11
6454Are you a narcoleptic Bus Driver?Night StandTV show555-NiKiMichael Thyen1998-08-23
6460Bodek ConstructionLoverboyMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
6482Missing Child (Bobby Glass)Freddy's Dead: The Final NightmareMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
648224Philip Bauer calls Bryce Moore [Season 6, Episode 9]TV show2009-01-01
6507OakviewThe PretenderTV showDion Murphy1998-08-23
6511Vincent Mallik's cellphoneMarked ManMovie
6542Rev. LovejoySimpsonsTV showMatt2001-09-22
6543Jeunesse ÉternelleBell AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6562Dan Vasser (cell)JourneymanTV showMichael Thyen2007-12-11
6565Cavity Buster1-800-DENTIST commercialTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
6565QVC Special OJMad TVTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
65871000 Bill Found PosterSimpsonsTV showEp 15x04:The Regina Monologues2009-04-22
6587MechanicMokia commercialTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
6587Step MotherNynex AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6606Lawson FamilySmall WonderTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6624Dr. Sidney BloomManhunterTV show
6632Black Tie CateringDark SkiesTV show
6634Ed & Eunice HigginsThe Carol Burnett ShowTV show
6644Joe MannixMannixTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6666TV orderRocko's Modern LifeTV showpsyence2002-01-01
6666Commercial for sauceSaved By the BellTV show555-MMMM
6683Starving Teachers Moving Truck (555-MOVE)SimpsonsTV showEp 16x20:Away From Homer2009-06-23
6685MichelleSamsung commercialTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
6687Samantha RussellMy Sister SamTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6704Marlena's patient lineDays of Our LivesTV showBeth1997-12-14
6727Baltimore DMV ModemTrue CrimeMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6731M. DowdellNynex AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6745LucyIf Lucy FellMovie
6747Kenny HopkinsDeconstructing SarahMovieAmiram1998-02-16
6754Homer's HomeSimpsonsTV showEp 2x14:Principal Charming2009-02-26
6756Mother Moon MeatsBlast From the PastMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
6767Frank HomeThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6772Captain DobeyStarsky and HutchTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6784Missing Child (Yeaton Brook)Freddy's Dead: The Final NightmareMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6786Delta Cab CompanyHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-02-16
6787SugarbankersDesigning WomenTV showAmiram1998-02-16
6792Nanny GCheersTV show
6821Mary EdwardsOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherPoster
6821Mark MicheletteFreejackMovieAmiram1998-02-16
6832Homer's WorkSimpsonsTV showEp 2x14:Principal Charming2009-02-26
6842Detective Billy RosewoodBeverly Hills Cop 2MovieTakashi Kitamura2002-01-01
6864The Freddy Stone HourPray TVMovie
6875Acorn PrintersHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-04
6879SpenserSpenser: CeremonyMovieAmiram1998-02-16
6893MatlockNew woman prosecutorTV show2009-01-01
6894Roritor PharmaceuticsThe Kids in the Hall : Brain CandyMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6897Commerce Cab CoHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-02-16
6903Hart IndustriesHart to HartTV show
6908Rave AdNowhere ManTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
6968Linda's LoveliesMeet Wally SparksMovie
6969Escort ServiceMeet Wally SparksMovie
6969TrudyThe A-TeamTV showAlex Morris2007-12-11
6989Luis BergerThe End of ViolenceMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-28
6999American CabDOAMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
7000Be a Salmon Gutter - Earn, Earn, Earn! At home!SimpsonsTV showEp 6x17 - Homer vs. Patty & Selma - Joke Ad2009-04-11
7000Crumb and CrumbWho's Harry Crumb?MovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
7000Four Seasons Hotel Presidential SuiteBird on a WireMovieAmiram1998-02-16
7000Murph and the MagictonesThe Blues BrothersMovie
7001Another stakeoutTaxiMovie2009-01-01
7128Charles MorganThe Pelican BriefMovieSnorre2000-01-15
7128The Cosby ShowTheo & Cockroach calling to find out about MacbethTV show2009-01-01
7131Capt. MaxwellThe SeductionMovieAmiram1998-02-16
7138LarryFarsideComicA prehistory, p 117. See also 3178, 1782, and 17282013-01-17
7162Sarah DevaneHunterTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7170SallyThe Chickens Are RestlessBookBee Grafiti, p2482013-01-17
7171???Q&AMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
7171SlidersBel Point RealtyTV show2009-01-01
7200Restaurant BridgesMrs DoubtfireMovieHubert Bessems2001-09-22
7201Emily Winthrop's Canine CollegeSimpsonsTV showEp 2x16:Bart's Dog Gets an FGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7219Sparky PolastryBring it OnMovieFrance Nadeau2001-09-22
7222Wanted ad in Beston GlobeThe Last SeductionMovie
7235This is your chanceHigh School HighMovie
7241JaniceGhostwriterTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7246Marvin Monroe's radio therapy showSimpsonsTV show555-PAINGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7247Lisa MartinColumboTV showPedro Althaus2007-12-11
7254Thomas SaundersShatteredMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7259TriathalonMatlockTV show
7263Shiek KamalCarmen SandiegoGameWhere in the World . . .
7264Chen FlowersNynex AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7265Paula GrayThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7268Dick TracyDick TracyTV showAmiram1998-02-16
7272King County Police's emergency phone numberThe Deliberate StrangerMovieAmiram1998-02-16
7273Sonny DupreeHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-12-14
7276Kelly TaylorBeverly Hills 90210TV showDana Pittman2001-04-01
7276PharmacyHoney, We Shrunk OurselvesMovieOn pill bottle, 310-555-72762013-01-17
7283Music TourVibrationsMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7293RalfiJohnny MnemonicMovie201-555-7293Dion Murphy1997-12-14
7298The Bill Cosby showRay PalaminoTV show2009-01-01
7299Jiffy JeffThe Tonight ShowTV showBob Nelson "Jiffy Jeff" Skit - 2nd Number
7306Jaime SommersThe Bionic WomanTV showAmiram1998-02-16
7315Fire DepartmentLife Goes OnTV show2010-10-25
7315Police DepartmentLife Goes OnTV show2010-10-25
7321Vincent and Sons Wholesale GrocersHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-04
7323RebeccaAmbushedTV showMichael Thyen1998-08-23
7323Sarah NewmanDoogie Howser M.D.TV show
7327Pledge PearlMystery Science Theater 3000TV show555-PEARL (# from PEAR)Michael Thyen1999-02-21
7329Homewide RealtyVery Bad ThingsMovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
7333Jolly's Hotel RoomDue SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7333Money talksRed Kamel ClubMovie2009-01-01
7334Homer Simpson (work)SimpsonsTV show
7335Shumway FamilyMary Hartman, Mary HartmanTV showAmiram1998-02-16
7378Constance CommentCarmen SandiegoGameWhere in the World . . .
7382Carl PalmerHagenTV show
7384Woman #2 on Doug's Answering MachineERTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7397Sexy Girl HotlineNorthern ExposureTV showGenevieve1997-12-14
7399Girls & Numbers HotlineThe CommishTV show555-SEXXGenevieve Gagnon1998-05-16
7400Triple Star RealtyHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-02-16
7424MargoPunky BrewsterTV show555-RICHSam Jeffers2002-01-01
7425National Health LineSaturday Night LiveTV show555-SICKScott Ryan Czasak2002-01-01
7432Igor Hindenberg Memorial PavilionThis is a BookBookby Demetri Martin2011-12-23
7461SharonTwo Guys, a Girl and a Pizza PlaceTV showDion Murphy1999-02-21
7463Kelly Longstreet CellE.N.GTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7463Dr. Shoe / Dr. RgneMarried...with ChildrenTV show555-PINF / 555-RGNE / 555-RIND / 555-SHOE
7472Ralph's PlumbingDirecTV commercialTV show
7478Detective Larry McBainThe Thirteenth FloorMovieSnorre2000-01-15
7478Yellow Cab CoThe RockMovie
7483Al's Shoe StoreMarried...with ChildrenTV show555-SHUE
7492Original Famous Ray's PizzaSimpsonsTV showEp 9x01:The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson (555-PIZA)Dion Murphy1998-05-16
7532Terry DoolittleJumpin' Jack FlashMovie
7545Animal Lab Testing CorporationJury DutyMovie
7559Savarino's Sound ShopHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-08-23
7566MorganSeinfeldTV show
7583RachaelBlade RunnerMovieDeckard calls her from a bar2009-01-16
7583Sam StoneRuthless PeopleMovie
7588Are You Drunk? HotlineThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7588StripclubHangin' with the HomeboysMovie555-SLUTMichael Thyen2000-01-15
7600MilitaryGodzilla (1998)MovieMichael Thyen1998-08-23
7605Cop, Angela BennetThe NetMovieCop's Phone Angela Stole
7638Fluffy - Missing Cat OwnerDoritos CommercialCommercial2012 Doritos Super Bowl Commercial2012-02-05
7643LisaTeam America: World PoliceMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
7645Peggy BarnesOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherBuletin Pamphlett
7655???The NetMovieLance Wilmer2002-01-01
7666Jack NeuSimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7668Nat BridgerMurder By PhoneMovieAmiram1998-02-16
7668Animal ControlSimpsonsTV show555-X-TERM-N-8 (# from RM-N-8, see also 9837)Michael Thyen2007-12-11
7671???Shadow ConspiracyMovie
7676For RentRemington SteeleTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7676Frank (or is he?) HomeThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7676Arrested DevelopmentPre-Christmas Fur SaleTV show2009-01-01
7684Skyland MountainThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7686Mountie Home Shopping ClubRoyal Canadian Air FarceTV showJF D'Aoust2001-04-01
7687StingrayStingrayTV showAmiram1998-02-16
7721Carl Deacon, Nabor's Feed and GrainHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-04
7721Westen Refuse HaulingVTV showOla Arnryd2002-01-01
7729Dial-a-PrayerSimpsonsTV showEp. 8x17:My Sister, My Sitter (Deleted Scene)2009-04-22
7746Massage Lounge ChairSNLTV show555-SPINGenevieve Gagnon1998-05-16
7747Snake ChannelSCTVTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7777David LakeThe RaffleMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7777swingbatta swing: beep meK7Music
7787Chuck's Aviation and FuelHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-04
7787Tanner FamilyALFTV showAmiram1998-02-16
7795Tarot Card ReaderDariaTV show555-PSYKScott Ryan Czasak2002-01-01
7821Nadine Wilkes' epilepsy ID numberERTV show
7823Someone in Springfield Phone BookSimpsonsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7825Sewage CompanyThe Red Green ShowTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7827Red Star Cab CoDrivenMovie
7834Carla TortelliCheersTV showAmiram1998-02-16
7847Commercial for hairpiecesMidnight CallerTV show555-RUGS
7849Julio Iglesias TicketsE.N.GTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7856Al's Window & Brick Repair (old)Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon QueenMovieBob Backus2000-08-07
7862Mary RichardsThe Mary Tyler Moore ShowTV showAmiram1998-02-16
7867AlMen Seeking WomenMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
7867Stop SeminarPerfect StrangersTV show555-STOPMichael Thyen1998-08-23
7876Detective Larry McBainThe Thirteenth FloorMovieDean Speir2001-09-22
7878Someone in Springfield Phone BookSimpsonsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7883Envelope Stuffing (STUF)Now What?!BookOn Book Cover - Earn $1000's stuffing envelopes at home - and never lick a stamp!2009-05-02
7886Nicolae - Secretary General UNLeft BehindAudiobook212-555-78862011-09-18
7890Private PropertyRobocop 2Movie312-555-7890 - Sign on abandoned plant: In case of emergency2010-03-20
7890Molar Man1-800-DENTIST commercialTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
7890Night Companion Sex LineThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
7892"For Sale (By Owner)" SignDrivenMovie
7892Monster Joe's Auto DismantlingPulp FictionMovie
7908Monster Joe's Auto DismantlingPulp FictionMovie
7926JanineReality BitesMovie
7927"Love Thy Neighbor" TV showSex, Shock & CensorshipMovie555-SWAPAmiram1998-02-16
7944House for SaleHouse ArrestMovieStephanie1997-10-04
7963BerniceDuckmanTV show555-MARRYME (# from RYME, see also 6277)Philip White2002-01-01
7969McGyverDoor serviceTV show2009-01-01
7974Connors and Davenport Advertising AgencyOne Day At TimeTV showAmiram1998-02-16
8000Institute for Advanced ConceptsSimon and SimonTV show
8000Staten Island TelethonLate Night with Conan O'BrienTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8040Tip Top ConstructionNobody's FoolMovie
8043Derek SanfordThe SeductionMovieAmiram1998-02-16
8081Yatch for SaleThe RaffleMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8129Dan GallagherFatal AttractionMovie
8141Bol-L-Gol GardeningTerminator IIMovie
8143Kristen BlakeDays of Our LivesTV showBeth1997-12-14
8162Kanisky FamilyGimme A BreakTV showAmiram1998-02-16
8164Elite Cab Co.HunterTV showDion Murphy1997-12-14
8205Paper adTwin PeaksTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8210Russell MeensNynex AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8216Pizza GuyFast Times at Ridgemont HighMovieMichael Thyen2000-08-07
8255???Silk StockingsTV showMichael Thyen1998-08-23
8255Nighttalk Radio ShowTalk RadioMovie555-TALK
8255Susan Lyons' radio talk showDad, the Angel & MeMovie555-TALKAmiram1998-02-16
8258Sports RapMiller Lite commercialRadio
8262Potomac CableChain ReactionMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
8264Evans FamilyGood TimesTV showAmiram1998-02-16
8273?Betespas BetesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8285Vivian MarcusOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherPoster
8291Catherine ChandlerBeauty and the BeastTV showAmiram1998-02-16
8294Acme CabThreesomeMovie555-TAXI
8294TaxiTaco Bell commercialTV show555-TAXIMichael Thyen2000-01-15
8294TaxiOld SchoolMovie555-TAXIMichael Thyen2007-12-11
8300Home Value NetworkThe X-FilesTV show
8300Riptide Detective AgencyRiptideTV showAmiram1998-02-16
8318Elizabeth RennickGarbo TalksMovie
8342Police Station FaxLaw & OrderTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8349Dental Work While-U-Wait1-800-DENTIST commercialTV show555-UFIXMichael Thyen1999-02-21
8351Mary-Anne MooreBeverly Hills 90210TV showRoman Buttner2001-09-22
8372The BaxtersHazelTV showKL5-8372Gregory Pietsch2002-01-01
8383Jerry Seinfeld HomeSeinfeldTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8384Limo ServiceTwin PeaksTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8396Allison NeuSimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8411Senor PizzaLoverboyMovieEvan Edwards2002-01-01
8425Hurston Middle SchoolGhostwriterTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8436Larson's HardwareWingsTV showAmiram1998-02-16
8444Richmond Cabs LimitedCousinsMovieDion Murphy1997-12-14
8466Vinnie the SquealerCarmen SandiegoGameWhere in the World . . .
8476"Help Us find Pamela Pearl" signTimes SquareMovie
8531Tanner FamilyALFTV showAmiram1998-02-16
8555Dangerous intentionsTaxiMovie2009-01-01
8592TobyJersey GirlMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8600SugarbankersDesigning WomenTV showAmiram1998-02-16
8603Charlie CallahanCoast to CoastMovie
8613VisigothsPacific Bell commercialTV showMichael Thyen1998-05-16
8626Andre's pagerFriendsTV show55-JUMBO (J is 5, so # is from UMBO)Michael Thyen1999-02-21
8628US ConsulateSimpsonsTV showEp. 8x17:My Sister, My Sitter (Deleted Scene)2009-04-22
8628NY Landlord; Mad Magazine Building; Floors 7-10SimpsonsTV showEp 9x01:The City of New York vs. Homer SimpsonDion Murphy1998-05-16
8628MAD MagazineSimpsonsTV showMichael Thyen1998-08-23
8632ProtovisionWarGamesMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
8643Cosmo KramerSeinfeldTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8645Mike ChurchDead AgainMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
8651Stockton UprightSlackersMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
8657Math Tutor AvailableEscape From DetentionGame2012-03-07
8663The criticJay ShermanCartoon2009-01-01
8665"Stump the Toolman"Home ImprovementTV show555-TOOL
8675S.F. Memorial Hospital HotlineTrapper John, M.D.TV show
8675PolaroidPretty girl in pictureCommercial2009-01-01
8679Church of the Very Bright LightThe Kids in the HallTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8703King of the HillGuitar LessonsTV show2009-01-01
8707The Simpson's residenceSimpsonsTV show
8717Dr. Sarah TaylorNever Talk to StrangersMovieHarri Kapanen2000-01-15
8722D.J. TannerFull HouseTV showAmiram1998-02-16
8728Employee TravelCarmen SandiegoGameWhere in the World . . .
8734Amanda Tucker's mobile phoneTucker's WitchTV showAmiram1998-02-16
8734Senator Johnstone OfficeDue SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8737Ted BaxterThe Mary Tyler Moore ShowTV showAmiram1998-02-16
8752Ken NeuSimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8756Junkyard payphoneLarger Than LifeMovieMichael Thyen1997-09-17
8760Al's Window & Brick RepairCharlie Chan Curse of Dragon QueenMovie
8766McGyverThe print shopTV show2009-01-01
8767Jeff HarrimanThe VanishingMovieAmiram1998-02-16
8800Rapident Dental1-800-DENTIST commercialTV showMichael Thyen1999-02-21
8812Guinevere LadyPacific Bell commercialTV showMichael Thyen1998-05-16
8813Tim HendersonOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherPoster
8816David & Rhonda Anderson, Jim, Jan, and JaneOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherBuletin Pamphlett
8821How's My Driving? - Otto's BumperSimpsonsTV showEp 3x22 - The Otto Show2009-04-11
8848N Somebody in Springfield phonebook(cutoff)SimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8878National BankRemington SteeleTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8879Alex - Sheerah's ManagerTakenMovie310-555-88792011-06-27
8881???The Incredible HulkTV show
8895Patricia West-Del RuthQuicksilverMovie
8901Warren DrummondThe Substitute 2MovieMichael Thyen2000-01-15
8904Ned Flander's HouseSimpsonsTV showEp 8x07:Lisa's Date with Density2009-01-26
8905"Response"MillenniumTV show
8905Witness NeededTwin PeaksTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8911Jack and Lucille O'BrienKay O'BrienTV showAmiram1998-02-16
8923Chicago Co-op Cab CompanyEarly EditionTV showDion Murphy2000-01-15
8940???Dead AgainMovieMichael Thyen2002-01-01
8942Lost DogBizarroComicChris Stark2000-01-15
8943?GhostwriterTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8947PayphoneStrange DaysMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
8954Steve's Coffee Shop payphoneMarked ManMovie
8961Elizabeth and Paul DavisDeconstructing SarahMovieAmiram1998-02-16
8964Ruth Adams, MeganOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherBuletin Pamphlett
8972LesMen Seeking WomenMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
8979TaxiDue SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
8989Jerry Seinfeld (car)SeinfeldTV showRob McKay2001-09-22
8989Stuart's houseBeavis and ButtheadTV showTom Bailey1997-12-29
8997Someone in Springfield Phone BookSimpsonsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9046House For Sale (Freddy's)Freddy's Dead: The Final NightmareMovieGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9089Global Airlines InternationalThe CraftMovieMichael Thyen1998-08-23
9130Bates MotelPsycho IIIMovie
9140Jack AndrewsKill Me AgainMovieAmiram1998-02-16
9175Payphone in Tech NoirThe TerminatorMovie
9195PayphoneHunterTV showDion Murphy1998-02-16
9212PeterBeverly Hills 90210TV showPaul and Pei1999-02-21
9258Dead connectionIn a match boxMovie2009-01-01
9273Tom VernonThe Mary Tyler Moore ShowTV showRoman Buttner2001-09-22
9277Warrant DepartmentCarmen SandiegoGameWhere in the World . . .
9277Stupendous YappiThe X-FilesTV show555-YAPPGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9290Alice MonroeThe Invisible ManMovieA4022361997-09-04
9300Auto ClubBeverly Hills NinjaMovie
9312TaxiEarly EditionTV showDion Murphy1997-12-14
9323Chip MatthewsFriendsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9339Lisa CarsonSecret Sins of the FatherMovieAmiram1998-02-16
9355Fox MulderThe X-FilesTV showDion Murphy1998-01-11
9361Edward LinneyThe Pelican BriefMovieRoman Buttner2001-09-22
9371Margaret KellawayThe MaskMovieDion Murphy1997-12-14
9374Atkins LodgeHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-04
9393DetectiveStrange DaysMovieMichael Thyen2007-12-11
9450Remington Steele InvestigationsRemington SteeleTV showAmiram1998-02-16
9464McGyverSam GrearTV show2009-01-01
9474Virginia Phone BookThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9476WGPM RadioGrosse Pointe BlankMovie555-WGPM
9507Air SwissRide with DeathMovieMichael Thyen1999-02-21
9532Philip K. FishFishTV showAmiram1998-02-16
9548Remington Steele InvestigationsRemington SteeleTV showAmiram1998-02-16
9577WKRP RadioWKRP in CincinnatiTV show555-WKRP
9595How's My Marching? (back of Springfied St. Patrick's Day Parade Banner)SimpsonsTV showEp 18x22:You Kent Always Say What You Want2009-07-06
9596Boy meets worldRadio stationTV show555-WKZN2009-01-01
9605Lawrence AlamainDays of Our LivesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9631Fake it til you make itPillow Biters INCWeb Series310-555-96312009-01-01
9632Fake it til you make itPillow Fighters INCWeb Series310-555-96322009-01-01
9639WNDY radio stationStraight TalkMovie555-WNDYAmiram1998-02-16
9643Miranda Hillard (home)Mrs. DoubtfireMovieAmiram1998-02-16
9653Center for Disease Control in AtlantaOutbreakMovieMovie
9674Virginia Phone BookThe X-FilesTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9698Jamal JenkinsGhostwriterTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9716Sanitarium for DogsSimpsonsTV showEp 2x16:Bart's Dog Gets an FGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9732MotherDue SouthTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9753N Someone in Springfield Phone Book (cutoff)SimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9786Javier & Maria Fernandez, Victoria, & CarmenOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherPoster
9800Bernie PoliszekHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-12-14
9805PayphoneThree Days of the CondorMovie
9814Mr. BeschSingle White FemaleMovieReginald Rush2002-01-01
9837Animal ControlSimpsonsTV show555-X-TERM-N-8 (# from XTER, see also 7668)Michael Thyen2007-12-11
9845ALFRadio stationTV show2009-01-01
9846Allentown TrailersHunterTV showDion Murphy1997-09-04
9853Holiday CounselingRugratsTV show555-YULEVanessa Sodd2002-01-01
9861Sarah Conner's momThe TerminatorMovie
9868EddieThe DaytrippersMovie
9876Gene WatsonNick of TimeMovieMichael Thyen1997-12-14
9902MartyFear of FlyingMovie2001-09-22
9905Found CatBizarroComicChris Stark2000-01-15
9911?John Carpenter PresentsTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9938Tom & Karen Barton, Tommy, Julie, & JeffOlan Mills Church DirectoryOtherBuletin Pamphlett
9963MaudeMaudeTV showDave Andrew2007-12-11
9970NYC Chelsea HotelRich and FamousMovie
9970Prospective ClientNUTSMovieTom Bailey1998-05-16
9972Toby MuntzSimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9973Richard NewhallSimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9974Michael McDonaldNynex AdTV showGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9988Laverne & ShirleyLaverne & ShirleyTV show
9996Richard NashSimpsonsTV showEp 6x05 - Sideshow Bob Roberts - PhonebookGenevieve Gagnon1997-10-04
9999Dr. Sheldon HawkesCSI: NYTV show555-XXX (extra 9 added for 4-digitness)Stuart Mock2007-12-11


I used to have a list of books I've read along with reviews of each of them, but it was actually turning into something, so I finally gave-in and replaced B with Book reviews (...and then R for Reading Lists in the great scramble of 2019). I haven't fully relegated Bus Stuff to the archives, but it's an extra click away from the brain now.

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