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scramblEd - Exploration

I love Geocaching, the hobby where players use multi-million dollar government satellites to find tupperware containers hidden in the woods, or at least, that's how I've heard it described.

People cache for many different reasons; for me it's a way to encourage myself to get out and enjoy creation more as well as find new sights and experiences I never would have discovered otherwise. I'm not "in it for the numbers" and have done a pretty good job of not being too bothered by other cachers with 10's of thousands of finds under their belts. No doubt, some of them really have been caching for years with lots of spare time, but many also make caching more of a competition - running useless "power trails" to run up their numbers. To me, walking a trail, finding film canisters every 528 feet is not my idea of a good time. And going out with a group of people claiming credit for everyone else's finds seems like cheating to me. But it doesn't matter. I cache to explore creation; if I find a great cache, wonderful! If I don't find one, I enjoy the destination anyway and move on with my life.

While I sometimes write geocaching stories on my family blog, The Scrambled Mind is a place for me to play around with programming. Since I love visualizing things, I figured I'd try to animate the common geocaching "statistics" grids. Again, I roll my eyes at logs like "we needed this to fill our 10th fizzy grid!" - once (if) I ever do finally complete these grids, I don't expect to try to rack up any additional numbers. Right now, they just scratch my completionist itches.

The pie chart is an unique idea - I did see a "challenge" cache similar to it, but made it my own - find a cache for each of the 360 degrees bearing from your home location. Since we live in Cedar Falls, IA, I picked the UniDome as a good "center" point (since I figure you could otherwise reverse-triangulate my actual location from data... if you really wanted to...) As I wrote on the blog, I'm pretty complete on the NorthEast side of the grid, having mostly cached in Wisconsin before moving to Iowa, but completing the rest of the degrees will take me to new places around the country I've never been!

I'm also collecting states and counties, but that's a much slower process and probably won't be significant until I retire or win the lottery and take my family on the road full-time. (Although as of 2021, I have finally completed Wisconsin! I'm so happy about it that I added the map to the animation blocks... they're getting a bit wide now...)


D/T Matrix

Every cache has a difficulty rating (ease of finding) and terrain (ease of accessing) rating. Finding all 81 combinations is considered a "fizzy".

Hidden Month

Geocaching has been around since May of 2000. Finding a cache that was hidden (or "placed") from every month since the start of caching is considered a "jasmer".

Bearing from Home!

Wisconsin Counties Found

(Last data on these stats is from , but my geocaching profile might indicate more recent data!)


Scenes from Geocaching

I started an Instagram account for the sole purpose of sharing the beauty I find while Geocaching. I don't update it very often, but when I do, it's usually interesting.

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Favorite Cache Logs

GSAK is an awesome tool. It makes doing things like exporting my logs of my favorite caches doable with one click! (Okay, and maybe a bit of SQL & macro programming)

CacheNameTypeStateLog DateText Entry
GC12HGTPenneys From HeavenWisconsin10/13/15Beautiful location and decor! I love the hiding place, too!
GC207PANow Serving..... George Street ParkWisconsin10/15/15Neat! Yes, the log needs some help, but I found a place to sign. Left a TB for the next cacher...JK!
GC1ET9Qthe Wreck of the FleetwingWisconsin10/21/15Beautiful clear water here. So clear that one of my young cachers stepped right in it! Still a fun find.
GC65HZHMcEnroe MayhemWisconsin10/26/15Found with Team Kauai - Verona must be a hotbed for FTF rushers! Thanks for the fun chat and caching tips from a veteran to a relative beginner!
GC39XM6629.89Wisconsin11/07/15Love it! I knew these hides existed, but this still gets a favorite due to my first library find.

Our family loves stopping in at libraries whenever we travel, so it's a lot of fun to combine hobbies. And as you can see from the photo, I got to chat a little bit with some of the residents!

GC1FM7DEight Sides to the QuestionFlorida01/10/16Excellent! The sad face was great on the decoy.

Log's getting full. There are a couple of loose scraps of paper being used right now.

GC1MT8RBuddy Bourlay Liked RaccoonsFlorida01/10/16Too cute!! I had one of these growing up and loved it, even if it wasn't exactly cuddly...
GC2811HSuperhero HypeWisconsin03/12/16After a near-disastrous experience last fall on the first day after DST ended, we thought we'd try another hike through Governor Dodge on the last day before it begins again.

This time, however, we were prepared cachers. Water? Check! Flashlights? Check! Full battery on phone? Check! Leaving the baby home? Check! Starting in EARLY afternoon instead of late? Super-check!

We took the route from the campgrounds (H, actually, since F & G were blocked off). The trail wasn't nearly as horrible as we expected - pretty average for "steep" Gov Dodge hikes, and it levels out once you reach the north bend, so it's not the whole way.

Finally found the cache after looking at the picture and spotting ANOTHER similar landmark (the one near where the coordinates took us is almost identical!). The distance tips from previous logs helped, too (and if you want extra help, take the distance and go the direction represented by the last letter in my first paragraph). At least, that's what I got with my 2015 phone, and it lined up precisely with the OpenMaps trail line.

For our way back, we decided to bushwhack directly downhill WNW to our car. Only a few pricklers slowed us down; a dedicated hiker could make it up this way much more quickly than taking the trail...if they don't mind a few scratches.

Thanks for a well-placed cache (still stuffed to the gills with swag) and great experience!

GCVPHEMeteorite or Meteor-wrong? - WSQWisconsin03/18/16What a unique marker! And a creative log book, too, though maybe that's due to the age of the cache.

PDC seems to have many great caches, and it starts with older caches like this with great stories and fun destinations. Thanks for maintaining this and making a memorable #200 for us!

GCG8N3Old time cacheIowa03/19/16Was really excited to find this old cache. I love getting the chance to try out the AWD on our geocaching minivan B-) and this trail was a perfect excuse. Unfortunately the creek was not flowing with muddy water, so we didn't make a big splash.

The weather was a bit chilly on this late March day, and caching out at nearby Nobel's Island left our noses almost frozen from the wind.

Thankfully, this trail was protected from the wind, so it was much more bearable. Today's light snow dusting had left things a little slippery, but the find was made and the log inked. I think this is the first log I wrote more than just the date on, too.

Hope more people find this. It needs more than 2 finds/year. Maybe a FP will help...

Thanks much for keeping this old one up and running!

GC32W30Hidden Bridge: Keystone Bridge #2Iowa03/20/16This was awesome! I love unique bridges, and I wish we had more time to spend in the area to see more of the series. Like others have said, this is indeed hidden well, which is one of the real joys of geocaching: getting to see places you never would have otherwise.

Thanks for bringing us off the road a bit as we drove through. Garnavillo is a beautiful little town, too. Great park for a family to stop at on a road trip.

GC1BX68By the TwinWisconsin04/02/16This one is a favorite just because I really enjoyed the experience of being able to sit down and read through 8 years of paper logs, something I'm sure is possible on some other logs in G. Dodge, but I've been finding quite a lot of micros and newer caches without much history recently. The early logs often mentioned tough bushwhacking, but today, there's practically a trail to GZ. In 2009, almost everyone (including kids who could barely write) wrote a note in the book. By 2012, it was all just names and dates. The game sure has changed in some aspects, hasn't it? But it's still about getting out, enjoying nature, and having new experiences.

Today started out with a little bit of snow and a LOT of wind. But caching in the woods cut down on the wind, and by the time we found this, it was calm with nice blue skies. After a bunch of hiking, reading the old paper logbook was very relaxing. Thanks for a good hide, and thanks to the years of cachers who left their mark.

GC26V0AMr Owl Ate My Metal WormWisconsin04/17/16It's finally warm and sunny after snow and April rainstorms. In fact, my children were dismayed the water park wasn't running yet (though much more so after the hike!). It's a really nice path over several small streams (or do we call them cricks here?)...or maybe just one very meandering stream. For the adventurous family cachers out there, you definitely could take a big-wheeled stroller on the trail.

The hike from the trail to GZ is nice and easy, along an interesting rock path. I wonder what that is all about? I thought several stones seemed loose, but future cachers can rest assured that no landscaping skills are needed to find this cache.

I hope more cachers find these great caches. Rural SW Wisconsin needs as many good ones as possible!

GC6F0DWhat's That Smell?!Wisconsin04/23/16Lots of fun with this one once we figured out where to go. We added a fake flower to attempt to offset some of the scents, at least psychologically! And my daughter left a creative drawing about the dangers of foul odors!

Originally I was going to recommend that Upland Trail cachers save this one for last, lest they deal with the smells the rest of the trip (especially if your group includes inquisitive young ones!), but on second thought, it was a lot better to let this dissipate throughout the woods rather than taking it in the car with us!

Thanks for a neat, themed cache.

GC3980Wisconsin - F5Wisconsin04/24/16My wife loves the movie Twister, but this story really brings it close to home how adequate warning of severe weather (or in this case, a complete lack of it) can be so helpful. We read the description to our kids and visited the sites, and it was very moving. Amazing how things have changed in 30 years.

Of course, they loved playing on the playgrounds and having a picnic lunch, too. This was a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon for us all. Thanks for bringing us here.

GC5QD8WRocky RoadWisconsin04/29/16Hey, this was fun! Was able to read the chirp just fine from my car on the street and then headed over to GZ. Thankful for a blustery day or there might indeed have been many more muggles around.

Lots of hiding opportunities in line with the theme once I reached the location; I almost gave up to leave this for another day. Then I checked one more time at the right angle and...aha! Nicely done!

I'm going to have to put these on my list of To Do's. It's a neat tech-related seeking task; too bad there are fewer than 20 in the state right now. Thanks for this one!

GC1WVPELe toit rougeQuébec05/10/16I can't believe it took me so long to find this! At least the trees were nice and secluded, though at one point someone walked around the nearby building, and I had to hide and hold very still. There was also a covered suitcase nearby that seemed very strange. But in the afternoon there was no one walking around nearby, so I had plenty of time to explore.

Finally made the find and dropped off a bug I brought up from the States. He'd like to get back to France, so I figured Montreal was a good stop for him!

GC41364Down the TubesWisconsin05/13/16Wow, I can't believe I had this figured out last time I was here and yet still missed the final prize! Very nicely done, and thank you to the CO for checking and responding to a newbie cachers' question. This restores my interest in any "field puzzle" which is more than a simple number-on-a-sign multi. Thanks very much!
GC4KN3GParadise Lost Can Be Found AgainWisconsin05/15/16The kids love libraries and library caches, but this was something extra special. Sure, I had this figured out before leaving home, but I turned it into a printed scavenger hunt, complete with map and everything. The kids *loved* exploring around the outside and the inside of the library, and the questions gave a *great* tour of the premises. You put a lot of work into it and the result was excellent. Thank you very much!
GC2TV6VWSQ DunnWisconsin05/19/16I wondered what all the favorite points were for... I mean cemetery caches are nice, and this is a beautiful little cemetery (or should I say, "burying ground"?), but what makes this one special?

Then I found the final and actually read the story. Wow. Very nice! And with foliage on the tree, GZ was a surprise out of the blue! This is a very nice tribute and honor to your wife. Thanks so much for sharing!

This gets not only a favorite, but a special spot on my benchmarks at #300. I may not have thousands, but I enjoy and actually remember every single one!

GC1748GLast Blacksmith StandingIllinois05/21/16Loved it! I feel like I can't comment too much about what I was expecting compared to what I found without spoiling the surprise... I was feeling a bit awkward poking around in the rock wall with a handful of people over by the bench on the corner, but at least they had all dispersed by the time I replaced this thing.

The blacksmith's shop was great, too. We heard a lot about the history of the place and learned a bit about 'smithing, too. Yes, more chance for muggles (I generally abhor having to be "stealthy") when the place is open, but way worth it if you have a few minutes (or more, in our case) to stop in.

Here's a FP to break you into 3 digits on this one!

GC37VNMHigh School StepsIllinois05/21/16This was beautifully done! We came at this from the direction of the old school, and my geo sense was tingling as I put my hand on this right away. It was a surprisingly small container once we got to it, but not the smallest of the day (which goes to Cannon Crawl). Still the log was in great shape though I had to fully unroll and start again to avoid having to jam it in.

As I was replacing the cache, I about jumped out of my skin as a trolley appeared out of nowhere behind me! There were no pedestrians around as I replaced it, but there was a whole busload of muggles! Fortunately my back was to the road hiding the cache, so I'm sure they thought I was just VERY interested in the flowers.

Thanks for making Galena caching awesome!

GC3AHXTReturn of the Hidden Creek CacheWisconsin06/14/16Whew! Scoped this out on Google Earth before heading out and thought, "Oh, that looks like a piece of cake." When I arrived and saw the chest-high grass and deep ditch, I knew I was in for an adventure. Fortunately, I did eventually find somewhat of a path that led me near to GZ. I dove into the woods a bit early, though, and had to do some exploring. It was worth it, though. It's almost like a peaceful, secluded world in here, once you get through the thick outer barrier! After admiring the streambed for a bit and taking several pictures, I used my noggin and scrambled right to the cache's hiding place. Signed the log and found a slightly more direct place out of this hidden treasure.
GC4DRACWherigo in HistoryIowa08/05/16Great experience for our very first Whereigo. We have one near our home, but just haven't gotten around to doing it. Today, it was a perfect stop on our way to g&g's. The kids loved the equipment, and I always like unique bridges. Also a great place to stop for a picnic lunch!
GC77F7Well I do declare....District of Columbia09/16/16My gephyrophilia went into overdrive as I crossed the little bridge to this neat island. Unfortunately, it was a little too overcast to get *great* pictures, but I said hello to a couple of friendly ducks and took a few shots anyway. Thanks for this unique location (and bridge-crossing experience!).
GCG77QThe Other UnknownsVirginia09/16/16Wow. As I was just on my own, with limited time, and no set itinerary but to find the two virtuals left in here, I would probably never have seen this place! It was especially nice to see the colors of flowers around this monument, as the rest of the day / environment were overcast and dreary.
GC3PV4WCould Love Have Kept Her?Pennsylvania09/18/16At last! Was trying to show some family members how to geocache, but we kept getting stymied by the urban hides. We were ready to head back home in the unseasonably hot afternoon weather, when we checked out this cemetery hide. First off - it's a very picturesque and uniquely-laid-out cemetery - nice! Then once we found the final coordinates we thought we were out of luck. Then I finally made the find and was able to demonstrate one of the staples of urban geocaching!
GC6JYR69/11 Memorial: Baltimore CityMaryland09/19/16What a very nicely-done cache. The questions take you all around the memorial and give you a chance to really take it in fully. I also appreciate the checksum for quick validation at stage 1 (especially given the one or two slightly "tricky" letters!).

As for urban hides, I was quite nervous looking for this, but was set at ease when I found the secluded area in which to look. Fortunately it was a rainy day, so there weren't too many people walking by...but I froze every time one did. At least there was no one sleeping in here! I almost gave up on this when I finally spotted something out of place. With all the wet wood around, it *really* blended in. It also helped that I'm not a short person; I still ended up hugging a wet tree to retrieve/replace this one.

It's always a great caching experience when you get a little dirty!

GC1Y4PCZoo ConfusionWisconsin10/15/16We've done a few Whereigo's before, but this one was especially cute and added to the little digis' enjoyment of the zoo! I wish I had known beforehand that this was flexible enough to be started from any of the zoo's entrances, as we almost parked in back before fighting the surprising-for-a-misty-day traffic around the zoo. But we had a great time today. Lots of good pictures taken (on my doomed Note 7...), including a nice one on a bear statue next to that zone (so no confusion on our end; it worked for us!). It made for a nice, memorable 400th cache for the DigiMuzik clan.

It almost wasn't a success! We got off to a late start and weren't sure if we could get close enough to the final GZ (at one point, I was afraid I was driving on a bike trail!) and have enough time to search before some of the younger family members went ballistic at the late lunchtime. The final search sure was a challenge, but eventually we came up with the container and inked the book! Thanks for the fun experience!

GC1PQV2Holei Sea ArchHawaii11/05/16Absolutely gorgeous day to meander down Chain of Craters road, picking off sights along the way. When I saw the distant ocean, I couldn't believe we'd be going all the way down there, but sure enough, we made it! So nice to feel the ocean mist as the waves crashed on the lava walls below. And a very impressive sight to boot. Thanks!
GCQV5GHawaii Volcanoes N.P. - Caldera and CraterHawaii11/05/16What a great view (and apparently abnormally good activity) this evening! We apparently came at just the right time because we got a great parking spot, saw some magnificent activity, and then left after dark watching a long row of cars wait for parking spaces (or park in a far lot). Definitely a highlight of this adventure. The attached picture doesn't do it justice (perhaps one of the dozens of people hogging the wall with their huge tripods and massive lenses is a geocacher and will share a better picture or two). Still, I eventually found a wall on which to stabilize my little PNS.
GC5GWXJCome to KaimuHawaii11/06/16Made a wrong turn on the way to the lava flow, but it was a great diversion! We got some good music, had a little bit of church, and walked this path to a great "beach" where we could sit super-close and watch the waves roll in just a couple feet away. Amazing!
GC5B98"Waterworld Fresh Water"Hawaii11/07/16We survived! I only made one oops and was ever-so-lightly scolded by a native about proper spacing on the drive down.

Did a lot of searching way too low for this cache before I read some previous logs to figure out what I was doing wrong. Once I changed my approach, this one was quickly discovered, logged, and re-hidden. I had a ton of fun jumping over rocks on the way to and from this hide - at one point, I raced the waves around a large boulder near GZ. Caused a few mini rockslides, too. As I said, lots of fun was had.

The wife and I thoroughly enjoyed being pushed around on the black-sand beach until a big wave knocked her over, taking her sunglasses out to sea. Fortunately her seeing spectacles survived. Lots of black sand hiding in various crevices when we got back to shower, but that's par for the course.

The best part about this one, however, was the drive down and then through the horribly rough and bumpy road. Went through a couple huge mud puddles too...think the rental company will notice? We also rescued two French visitors from the strenuous hike back up. No difficulties there. I can definitely say this whole experience was the highlight of our trip out to Hawaii. Thanks for adding a great caching bonus to top off a great day!

GC480VJDonkey TrailHawaii11/07/16What beautiful views on our morning trek. So glad there are caches here to point out great spots to stop! Make sure you go a little farther down the path to see the ocean and a couple of nice, small waterfalls. There's a bigger one near the top of the trail, but not for the faint of heart!

Cache is still pretty water-logged, but still super fun to retrieve!

GC1GE6JSchool Forest Numb BricksWisconsin12/01/16Finally! I've never had my GPS bounce so much with so few trees...wow!

I solved this in the Spring (actually had never heard of 'Numb Blocks', so that was a fun exercise!), but then couldn't for the life of me come up with the find. (It also felt awkward poking around in a mini-forest when a couple of teenagers or middle-school kids would walk by from time to time; at least in the spring I was somewhat concealed! No such cover on Dec. 1, but fortunately no one wants to wander through here in the cold!) I almost gave up on this a 2nd time (prepared to PAF for some tips...) when I tried another approach, this time from the North. At last, I hit pay dirt. My advice for others (and myself for future situations) is to figure out your latitude and longitude outside of the trees and then stop looking at your device during the search. It does NO GOOD!

Thanks for a fun puzzle, and an even better hide.

GC3PNKBMirror, Mirror... Who's the cleverest one of allIowa01/01/17In town today visiting great-grandparents. Wow, a lot of fun cache possibilities in the area! We took some notes on a couple of the harder ones nearby and may tackle them at a later date. This one, though, was perfect for a couple of little mini-Digis. After applying the right TOTT, I then applied a tot to read the dim clues that my eyes couldn't quite make out (not SUPER sunny, but not that dark out either). A short hike later, and we had our Cascade smiley. Thanks for a fun experience!
GC5JTK3Cryptex CacheTexas01/14/17I've heard of these types of puzzles, but haven't come across one yet. Such fun, and an interesting history lesson in deciphering the clues - I never learned how those worked, even though I went to school for computer engineering. I only heard horror stories. Anyway thanks for a great cache - my first one in Texas, actually!
GC66F0AJapanese Tea Garden IntercacheTexas01/15/17Absolutely the highlight of my day. It was drippy and gloomy as I hiked up the riverwalk, but as soon as I entered the garden, the coulds parted and the sun appeared. I got some beautiful pictures on my guided tour of this area. At one point I thought I was stuck when my browser refused to scroll the page, but a refresh worked without losing my place.

I did feel a bit like Captain Picard when answering the question about the lights, but fortunately you can try again easily.

On top of a beautiful tour and a fun new type of cache, it ends with my favorite find: a well-done field puzzle (plus a great, secure container). This cache was all kinds of awesome! Too bad I can only give one FP.

GC2YBM1The Lost Treasure of Cabeza de VacaTexas01/19/17What a super, well-done Whereigo. I loved the history and virtual tour of the riverwalk, and appreciated the lack of backtracking (well...okay, not MUCH backtracking). Unfortunately, I kept trying to do this when I didn't have enough time, so I ultimately did it in 5 different shifts! I completely failed to find the final the first time, but bringing a friend to watch for muggles helped me finally rake in the smiley. Thanks for a fun experience.
GC46AJM2 million laterIllinois02/13/17At first I thought the D/T ratings were way off...then I spotted it. Very fun! Thanks for making me laugh out loud in the middle of a silent wood!
GC4GT7PE.M.S. #1 - IAT Madison SegmentWisconsin02/15/17It's amazing what a little experience can do! My hunt for this one started up 15 months ago, well before I learned how much even a few trees can mess with a signal. Without spotting anything, I tried climbing a leaning tree, only to fall out, land on my button, and put a couple holes in my pants. When I returned home, I discovered my multitool was missing, but two weeks later, I was back in the area and found it near the tree, just a little dirtier.

A few months later, I had a nice, portable, climbing TOTT, so thought I'd give this another shot. I climbed up several locations (which in retrospect probably would've been T5's since there was no way up them without the TOTT!), but again struck out.

Today on a whim, I was walking by, not planning to get this unless I actually spotted the container. Taking some knowledge of past mini-forest caching success, I ended up looking a lot closer to the road. Actually, I didn't even have to spend any time looking...the thing practically leapt out at me. How had I not seen this before?! I retrieved, signed the quite-damp log, and replaced it with ease.

Sometimes third time IS the charm.

GC4CEXXThe IRON BOXIowa03/12/17Woo hoo! So much fun! After failing a second time at the caches near the "gorge" we thought we'd try one more before leaving town. Poked around a bit at this one, scratched our heads a bunch, and tried to see what tools would work. Turns out it was only the one on top of our necks that was needed. (That and a choice hint from reading past logs!)

I'm not a mechanic by any means...and certainly not a diesel mechanic, which just led me down some really strange YouTube rabbit holes... But I DO have the mechanical experience needed to solve this one.

We're 2/2 at loving caches of yours we find; you're definitely going on our "watch out for" list, which is great because we have family in Cascade that we regularly visit.

Thanks so much for adding some awesomeness to Geocaching!

GC3TY4DCarillonesComunidad de Madrid05/07/17Finally. I've been wandering around jet-lagged and either there's a homeless person sleeping by GZ, my cell signal cuts out, or my brain is just being sluggish, but I've been failing to find anything cache-related.

This one, though, was targeted and saved. And I came at just the right time! First I was greeted with a 3 o'clock chime, then a full performance! Geocaching saves the day in Madrid!

GC15GECEl DoradoIowa07/01/17Hmm. Two years without a find. CO might want to check on this one. Still was a fun experience finding stage 2 and then hiking through the tunnel. If this ever becomes verified, we'll be back to sign!
GC1JEHT*You* Go First!Iowa07/13/17Hooray! I love bridges and this is definitely going on my bridge favorites list! Too bad my kids weren't with me. They'd have loved this (or been terrorized by it)!
GC15GECEl DoradoIowa07/16/17Hooray! I've become a bit jaded after only one month at the lack of maintenance/responsiveness in Cedar Falls area CO's, but I've found a winner here! Thanks for being so responsive. I said we'd be back, and today we were!

Except... Oops! I had lost the final coordinates! Well, we knew the area and just hunted around until eventually we came up with the find. Thanks so much for the all around great experience! Favorite point for redeeming my faith in the Cedar Valley!

GC5GZPALivermorium, aka UnunhexiumMinnesota07/23/17Had this on the to-do list as we drove to the twin cities, but of course it was pouring rain on our way up. On the way back, kiddos were asleep, so we didn't want to stop, but then a large backup on 52 caused us to detour...right into Pine Island! Since the gravel roads woke up the kiddos, we decided to give this a shot. Finally! A reasonable use for my portable TOTT. Everywhere else has seemed to be about 50-feet up in a tree which is slightly out-of-reach for this thing. But it worked great today. Nice hide, nice cache, and nice D/T combo. Thanks much!
GC76RW9High FlyerIowa07/29/172nd FTF in this park! We had fortunately just recently acquired the proper TOTT for this (going to have to get myself one of these!). Arrived near GZ to see another couple wandering around doing the geocacher head-scratch. They welcomed the arrival of younger eyes (my mini-Digis) but we were still altogether unable to locate this. They headed off to greener pastures, and we were just about to give up when I thought a little harder about the name. One last look and...huzzah! A bit of finagling and the fresh log was in our hands awaiting some ink.

Thanks for a fun adventure and the tools needed to complete it!

GC7757ZNorth Bay PuzzleIowa07/29/17Whew! What an adventure! I was poking around ground zero, fortunately not being shocked by too much, but definitely being greeted by many crawling creatures. No joy, but then a group of cachers came along from the event, so I hoped for an eventual find. Boy was everyone stumped, though! We poked, prodded, unscrewed, twisted, and banged on everything in sight. Finally I ended up being the lucky cacher checking the right place and came up with the find for the group. I might just be a LITTLE proud of myself. Definitely worth a favorite for the individual experience, not to mention the cumulative fun of the whole day. Thanks!
GC4FNE3PostedIowa08/02/17I *almost* decided against going down yet another ditch. Almost. Boy, am I glad I didn't. I enjoyed this one so much, I broke my personal rule and made a selfie-video to show it off to the mini-Digis when I arrive home. This is a most excellently-done container! A great way to end an afternoon of geocaching with my dad.
GCH8M5Iowa Webcam One @ ISUIowa08/19/17Woo hoo! I don't know how long ago I realized there was a webcam at my Alma Mater, but it has taken us so long to get back. Yesterday the webcam was down, so I was a bit bummed but planned to stop by anyway. Imagine my delight when I saw it working after I parked?! We thought the campus would be crawling with muggles on move-in weekend, but it was still pretty quiet when we walked through. So many memories! Thanks for maintaining the cache for this one!
GC2FW2MWater Is LifeMissouri08/19/17Man, we were just about to log this as needing maintenance, as we saw several plastic pipe pieces and beer bottles around GZ. About ready to give up, I tried that last thing, thinking "nah, that can't be it." Huzzah! Much easier than the last one like this that we did, which required about 13 fingers and ended up with several wet, squealing girls and no smiley (did I mention it was after a long hike?). Definitely appreciated this one for being a bit easier to obtain! Thanks!
GC4AD3MCannon Ball Run, Part DeuxMissouri08/19/17Lots of fun! Log is almost full... Plenty of room on the bowling ball, but that doesn't count! Man, it took me longer to reroll the log than to find this. Of course, once I was done I realized I had started from the wrong end, making it even harder on myself. D'oh! Well, at least the next couple of cachers will have an easier time of it.

As a bonus, I got to learn that my speedometer DOES work in reverse, as I backed down this cool dead-end road.

GC5WJ69Big MuddyMissouri08/20/17I love searching for "Waverly"s around the country, so when we realized we'd be close by for the eclipse, of course we had to grab this one! Despite the rain, we had a lot of fun, though the girls had more fun marveling at a critter close to GZ.
GC757YDFINAL YIKESIowa08/28/17Finalized the whole yikes series today. Kids had a blast with this one, pretty much asking of every cache we seek now "is it a yikes?!" We had a whole lot of fun at the final, too. The search wasn't too baaad, though we did have some observers. Thanks for the whole series, and of course this gets a favorite for the cumulative fun!
GC2XGFQCoded in ScratchesIowa08/30/17Definitely a favorite for the memories and the very unique puzzle! I tried earlier on a cloudy day with no luck, but today's sun revealed the answer! Unfortunately the final was pretty water-logged, but this was still a fun cache!
GC3GA5EInvisible MazeIowa09/04/17Was expecting something a bit different and much more fragile. Definitely enjoyed this one, though it took longer than I'd care to admit to locate it in the first place! The mini-Digis worked at this one a bit, but eventually puzzle-master dad had to solve. Thanks for the fun experience!
GC4MD9DTour of Fairbank - The Swinging BridgeIowa09/04/17I love unique bridges, and this island was a perfect place for a geocaching lunch. Kids loved exploring the nearby sandbar, and I got a great photo of all my mini-Digis looking all around GZ with the cache in clear view. Nice hide and fun experience!
GC34W4PCome enjoy the water!Wisconsin10/06/17Pleasant little stroll along the water's edge (though I'm always paranoid about stepping into a surprise hole; gratefully, that didn't happen today). Of course it's a wonderful container and even fun when opening. Well done, Iron County, WI!
GC4PFKZWisconsin's only Cashew TreeWisconsin10/06/17I put my heart and sole into looking for this one. You know, I was just collecting Northern WI counties, and normally getting boring P&G's along the roads. But this was a welcome surprise enjoyment.

I was telling someone about this cache a few hours after finding it, and only after saying it out loud did I finally get it... Today I don't SAG, but I do seem a little slow on the uptake. Anyway, thanks for a great laugh!

GC3MJMMRustic Road #1Wisconsin10/07/17Rainy, dreary day, but I found this without too much trouble and inked the log without getting it too wet.

Actually, I was thrilled to find this. I'm just buzzing through counties on my way home today and grabbed this because it was right on my path. But I LOVE WI rustic roads, so it was fun to see this historic plaque and visit the very first rustic road. Thanks for this!

GC5NQ7G"Gaze into the Abyss"Iowa11/11/17Finally found this on my third attempt. First was just checking things out as we were in Cascade for a family event and didn't realize how many great caches were around. Second was just dumb; I didn't think through the right TOTT. Third time was the charm, though almost another failure. Armpit's a little sore, since the TOTT almost wasn't long enough, but eventually came up with everything we needed. As always, loving Aceey's caches!
GC78MT4Indee Mustangs #51 - Westburg VistaIowa11/23/17Well, the little ones were getting anxious, and we were on our way to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving, so I had to bypass several more solves, but figured this would be a fun location to stretch our legs for awhile. We love old places like this, and had a blast exploring around and trying out the ancient swingset. Also loved the way the puzzle was presented!

It was a little awkward, though, when the owner came up and said we were on his property. It looked like a community-owned place, but apparently it's private land. He didn't seem to mind horribly, though, as long as we stayed out of the buildings, which of course we had been doing anyway. I didn't bring up geocaching because I'm still too chicken (read: uber-introverted) to start up that conversation...

The log on this one was a little damp, but not crumbly or unsignable. The o-ring seemed fine, but I made sure to give a little extra twist when I closed it. There's definitely no more foliage protection!

GC1CQ3HCountry ZooIowa12/03/17Didn't have a lot of time with being on-call today, so dragged the whole family out to this one after church for a quick grab. Kids definitely loved the swag and gladly chose a prize. They're very well-trained geocachers, too, as they wanted to run back to the van to find something to trade, but I explained the unique nature of the SWAG request on this one.

Really lots of fun and thanks for the dedication of keeping this one stocked!

GC78KM4Indee Mustangs #12 - NumbrixIowa04/12/18Almost gave up on this one after the pair of DNF's. I'm proud to say I found this WITHOUT using the hint which would've helped immensely. Not that I'm one to ignore hints as an extra challenge; I've just been completely oblivious today. Maybe I hit more than my butt when I fell out of the tree earlier!

Loved the puzzle on this one. Always enjoy spatial number puzzles like this type. The first time I encountered one was on a mystery cache in WI, where several newer cachers were confused why the (fake) coordinates were in the middle of a lake. That one even included solving instructions! :shakes head:

GC78KMMIndee Mustangs #19 - Checking Your KeysIowa04/12/18Word of advice - when you're recovering from vertigo, it's not wise to go tree-climbing. I was a few feet up and looking around when the next thing I knew, my butt was soaking as I sat in the marshy ground. Oof! A few hundred frogs and other animals were definitely laughing at my flailings.

Alas, I'm not always one to take wise advice, even from myself. Since the first time I climbed without actually spotting the target from the ground, I told myself I'd go back up only if I could actually spot the prize. (Un)fortunately, I DID spot it, so back up I went. This time balance prevailed, and the log was inked. Enough motivation to keep on slogging for a few more, even with wet clothes. Favorite point NOT because I enjoyed the experience, but for the sheer memory of it that will linger on forever. That's why we geocache anyway, isn't it?

GC78N00Indee Mustangs #88 - Chess anyoneIowa04/21/18I think I had to play through this game at least 2, if not 3 times because I kept missing steps. I was still a little fuzzy on some of the required steps, but this was a really fun learning experience to know how chess moves are recorded. I know the game, but never knew the syntax for this. Thanks for teaching me something new, Joe!

As others have said, final was thankfully a lot easier than the puzzle! Though I did try to garrote my ankle on barbed wire. I'll say that earns the T3 rating!

GC426MMBlack Hawk's Unforgotten HeroIowa04/25/18About time I get lucky for once! I dreaded looking for this on the busy road, but the first object I put my hand on to brace myself while feeling around turned out to be the cache.

Thanks for the great history lesson. It was a beautiful day, so I didn't mind that I couldn't quite read everything from the car. I had a seat in front of the monument and enjoyed the outdoors. I even had a little chipmunk scamper by in the field as I was calculating.

GCHG9VBluebell ExtravaganzaIowa05/09/18Finally! I've been dismayed at the number of micros or regular caches without any interesting features that I've been finding lately. But this one has it all: a clever container, tons of swag, a nice hike, a secluded area for searching (not that it's hard to find), even a bit of a puzzle to actually find the log.

We were in the park BECAUSE of the bluebells, and although there weren't many around GZ, there were certainly tons all along the hike. What a beautiful area and the perfect time of year to come here!

GCMK3JHeart to HeartIowa05/09/18If I was thrilled that the last cache on the trail had some great swag, I'm even more thrilled at the field puzzle here! We found the heart (w/dead batteries :( ... too bad this was a spur-of-the-moment visit, or I might've brought new ones) and some little swag, but no sign of the logbook. Hmm.... where could it be? Hey, previous cachers who say "log is missing" - you gotta find it!

The only TOTT's you really need are the ones attached to your arms. It took a couple of tries, but we finally had the prize container in hand. It was also awesome to see the oversized logbook with plenty of room to write an actual field log. We read through a few and then added our own.

Of course, replacing the container proved to be trickier than the original find. We were a little afraid we'd be leaving this thing inaccessible to the next cacher, but after a few prods with another TOTT found on the ground, we had the log container back where it belonged, ready for the next cacher to retrieve.

Thanks so much for the fun experience and for creating a cache that stands the test of time!

GC78KN1Indee Mustangs #24 - Call me, maybe?Iowa05/14/18As I approached the last cache before returning to my vehicle, I thought "Oh, no... I hope the D5 was for the puzzle...!" While THESE are the kinds of trees I'd love to climb super-high, I wasn't expecting that fun with a T1.5. But I circled...and circled...and circled to no avail. Finally, thinking how I often just smack my face into these sometimes, I expanded my search a bit. There it was, hanging out all innocently pretending to be a difficult hide when it was something I should've just seen as I approached the beacon. Hah!

Loved the puzzle. Reminded me a bit of one of my favorite scenes in Short Circuit 2. Though not REALLY possible with the limited options, I used to always try to make my phone into a musical instrument the same way...

GC1B160BTHEBALSouth Carolina05/17/18Well, after a delayed flight and missed connection, we finally arrived in sunny... I mean rainy Myrtle Beach. Needing a bite to eat between our hotel and convention, this place seemed like the perfect stop. With so many good choices on the menu, we might even need to come back before we leave!

Spotted the cache right away, but picked it up (and an honestly real geo-coin!) after our burgers. Had our waiter say he heard a story that the license plate stood for "baseball" as said by someone with a lisp. Interesting take on the sometimes hard-to-read license plate abbreviations.

Thanks for the fun destination, our first cache in South Carolina!

GC44BXKA Walk Around The Block #1South Carolina05/20/18Last one for the day, and it's appropriate that it's #1 and the highest favorited of all the ones I found today, since I'll be adding one more to the count. This is a great little series that encourages some light exercise without being obnoxiously difficult for the smileys. Thanks much for the great experience during my brief time in Myrtle Beach!
GC199K3Oak Island's "Mountain"North Carolina05/21/18I thought I had found 42nd St. Cache, but when I went to log the thing I noticed a very odd discrepancy between the date of previous logs and the date the cache was placed. After a bit of internet sleuthing, I discovered this gem. The container definitely matched the pictures on this log page, and as you can see from my photo-log (something I rarely do but which was quite fortuitous this time), the previous signatures match up with this cache.

Kind of odd to add a favorite point to an archived cache, but this was one of our favorite spots in our brief one-day stay in NC, and finding an unfindable cache just adds to the enjoyment!

GC5NYF8Washington Irving Elementary SchoolIowa06/28/18Favorite just for the memories (though it's a cute hide, too). Almost brought back tears as I walked around and described to Mrs. Digi how the school was laid out, where I played with friends on the unique wooden playground, and several other good memories of Irving Elementary. So sad it is no longer there!
GC54V7QQuick Park and Grab - Schenk AtwoodWisconsin07/12/18Found with Hoagieman during team-week in Madison. At first I freaked out a bird from its hidey-hole, but after that our experience mirrored several others - had our hands on the container to begin with, then spent too long searching other possibilities. Finally put a few pieces of logic together and re-attacked our first hypothesis. Aha! That doesn't make any sense to belong there... a poke here, there, and ... another action that would give it away ... tada!
GC7TWXXKiwanis Park #1Iowa07/28/18My app wouldn't let me add a FP to my FTF @ #2, but this one's probably more appropriate anyway for the pair-in-the-park. Thanks again for a great event and a fun experience!
GC6D9X5TacosIowa07/30/18I enjoyed meeting Team Zinger at a recent caching event. So when I had an empty house and a need to escape on a caching run, I thought I'd solve a few of his puzzles and check out the Aplington/Parkersburg area.

I swear I'll get some of my own out, soon. And since there are some active puzzlers nearby, perhaps I'll have to concoct some quizzlers myself.

Anyway, thanks for all the fun puzzles in the area and for keeping the game going! A random FP for my 900th find going to someone I've actually met in person!

GC1631CLeprechaun LoreIowa09/20/18The family always loves library caches, and at over a year since we moved to town, it was about time we checked this one off the list.

I'm embarrassed to say I had never noticed the books on the outside of the building! Let alone how far around they went. Thanks for pointing this out to the blind geocachers of the world like myself!!

Of course, my Mini-Digi's got their turn at being blind INSIDE the library. They successfully navigated to the right shelf, but then proceeded to check everywhere but the right place for the cache. One even put her hand on it once. What can I say? I guess we're all getting a little rusty!

GC7B945PFC Virtual Reward Mont royalQuébec05/08/19Whew! How is this a T1? While it looks so close on the map, that is a LOT of stairs. A coworker and I made the trek after a conference reception. Out of shape as we were, we survived and enjoyed the great views from the top. I swear I had been in this area a few years ago, but never made it up here. A well-placed virtual really helps identify the best spots to visit. Thanks!
GC5RJBMWorld's Hardest ChallengeIowa05/30/19I forgot the additional logging request, but it was a nice trip down memory lane, exploring my favorites list. Without thinking *too* much, I'd have to go with [GC5B98 Waterworld Fresh Water](http://coord.info/GC5B98) in Hawaii. When I had the chance to go out there, I never expected to have a Jeep 4x4, but was surprisingly upgraded in my rental. We took the opportunity to take a dangerously steep road down to a black-sand beach - partially because we could, but also because there was a great cache at the bottom.

Oh, nuts! That reminds me of another one that I didn't realize wasn't even on my favorite list! [GCG5AM Devil's Throat](http://coord.info/GCG5AM) - it's the prime example I use of Geocaching taking me places I never would've known existed otherwise.

So there, a 2-for-one. And just for the trip down memory lane, a favorite point for this one as well!

GC44P30Don't Fear the REAPER #74: Underwood CemeteryKansas07/13/19Awesome! I almost skipped this county, but then when I decided to avoid tolls, I was going past it anyway. The cache was being guarded by a critter, but I kindly asked nicely, and he let me passss. Thanks much for this laugh!
GC53XXNThe Great Westbound Treasure HuntKansas07/13/19What a great idea; I love it!

At first I though I might have to go digging among some rocks, but then realized I was way over thinking it. Map is accurate, and cache is in great shape. Thanks!

GC5MJTTCountry RoadKansas07/13/19Woo hoo! The main cache I was targeting today, and I found it with ease (well, new shoes helped, probably).

As an introverted geocacher's worst fear, though, I did have a run in with an LEO here. As I pulled to a stop under the highway, I saw a car approaching. "Please don't be a cop" I begged. But sure enough a county sheriff rolled up. Hooray for outfitting my cachemobile, though! He saw my "US Survey" signs and asked, "Just surveyin'?" I said yep! And he said "Have a nice day!" Maaaaybe he knew about the cache, but I'm just thrilled I didn't have to explain anything. Fav point more for the experience than the great D/T combo (but also for the combo, too!).

GC73JWBMOGA 2017 Gadget Caches - The StablesKansas07/13/19Whoa, that was fun! I almost thought that skipping this county, but always love a good gadget cache. This one absolutely did not disappoint. Took a vid to share with the mini-Digis back home. Nicely done. Too bad I can't explore ALL of your caches around here. Another day, perhaps!
GCPGXDWhere in the World is TotoKansas07/13/19Woo hoo! My 2nd webcam. Can't see me too much, but I'm poking my head out of the door of my cachemobile. Thanks for this one!!
GC2PW84Martin-BakerKansas07/14/19Love this location!! Obviously this beacon encourages exploration and this really gets you up close and personal.

I'd also say I've done a few gadget caches already on this trip, but this is one where the gadget part is figuring out how to replace the cache properly! I finally figured it out...after dropping and almost losing the pieces several times.

Thanks much for this!!

GC30MingoKansas07/14/19Wow. Would you believe I wasn't even targeting this cache initially on my geo-trip? I've found lower-id caches, and I already have a May 2000 cache, but with so many favorites in the area, this one popped up.

Then I realized how close to 1000 I was and thought... "no way". I promise I did no cache manipulation over the last two days (except grabbing the 3 other nearby caches first), and am proud for this to be my 1000th find!

Some caches bring you to a great location. Some have awesome containers. And some, like this, are just full of history. I love how the actual GZ here is almost a shrine to caching. Who knows. Maybe we'll be back for the 20th anniversary next year...though it is quite a long ways from home.

Thanks to everyone who has helped keep this one alive (as well as all the favorited caches nearby, without which, I might not have found this).

GC5Q0MPUh-Oh ??Kansas07/14/19Yes! I was almost wondering if the coordinates were off, since I expected to be lookin for some sort of road sign. Silly me...the caches around here are much more creative than that. Awesome, and well-worth all the favorites. Adding another one to keep people coming here.
GCJBAWOn My Honor. . .Kansas07/14/19Hello there lonely cache!! When I threw this on my to do list I had no idea the last time it was found was over two years ago! Fortunately caches of this era were usually ammo cans, not "micros in the woods" and this was no exception. The time served to almost bury the whole thing, though! And because it was on its side, the contents were pretty wet. I tried to dry things out, and I replaced it in a slightly more secure location.

Thanks for bringing me to this beautiful spot (and for the awesome adventure on this partially-washed-out road!!).

GC2729Inukshuk 1Colorado07/15/19Thanks so much for not archiving! This was an awesome history lesson and a great extra stop along the way down! I even met a semi-neighbor and got to tell him about these. He and his sons went off to find the one I found.

Definitely keep the old virtuals alive. Thanks so much!!

GC4A04WT.I.N.Y (Totally Incognito Nano Yay)Colorado07/18/19Made it! Alas, no one was around to chat with, though I was somewhat looking forward to it... Always paranoid to do these kinds of caches on private property, but this seemed pretty obvious!

I wish I could say I was intelligent enough to solve the field puzzle quickly.... I knew exactly what I was looking for, but completely missed it the first time around. Ah, well. Made it in, and explored the contents. And then signed on the wrong month!! Oh, well. Was still a blast; a very enjoyable experience. Thanks much!!

Dropped a TB I found a little farther south. Yes! One that I DIDN'T lose!

GCK0YEI-80 Paperback Book LibraryNebraska07/18/19After spending the last week in Colorado & Wyoming, I thought I was done with mountain climbing. Okay, so maybe this wasn't exactly a mountain, but for a hot day geocaching in jeans, it felt similar!

Loved this idea and location. Beautiful views! No snake spotting today, though.

GC33C5ZRemembering GeorgeNebraska07/19/19I don't know how many uncles George had, but he sure had a lot of ants! Yikes!

Very fun here. Finally made the retrieval here, thinking it would take as long to replace. I love that it basically just fell back together!

GCZ3GCBatteries not IncludedNebraska07/19/19I've always wanted to do a cache like this, and I think this is the first one I've actually completed! I almost gave up at the final, since everything was so overgrown, but finally spotted the obvious container.

Thanks for a fun experience!

GC93PB9View from a treeIowa05/01/21Chalked the walk, got many more steps in than usual, so what better way to end this beautiful day for an out-of-shape geo-dad to climb a tree?? Mini-Digi looked at the height and said "no way!" But I was game! Made it up....then realized it was a really windy day. As I swayed back and forth signing the log, I kept repeating to myself "secure heights...secure heights...". Signed it without dropping anything (except a branch broken by a previous cacher), and made it safely back to the ground. Too bad my legs don't work any more. But I remembered why I love these kinds of caches! Thanks for a great experience!
GCH494No runs, no drips, no, ...Huh? OOOHH! it's CYLON!Wisconsin06/29/21Of course only at GZ do I discover this is a 2+ year lonely cache! I can't believe I even attempted this - I'm on a schedule, and this was out of the way plus a hike. Yet even still, this is what REAL geocaching is (at least to me - others are more than welcome to their preferences).

The smell of the freshly fertilized field accompanied me as I jogged (okay realistically...mostly walked) to GZ. Finding a likely area, I realized that midsummer maybe wasn't the best time to attempt this, though at least I have long pants! But I'm only passing through the area right now, so this is my only chance. I found a few objects that could potentially meet the clue, but just about gave up hope. Then I spotted it! A small camo-covered container! Though it was damaged (alas, I don't have a replacement) there were still trinkets inside (along with a moldy log). Success!

So this is definetly still here (though in need of some TLC from the owner or future cachers), and well worth the brief hike to discover. Thanks so much!

GC229BWorld Wide QuartersWisconsin06/30/21Fantastic location for a virtual cache! I was looking for "interesting" spots between western and eastern WI, and boy does this fit the bill! I enjoyed the sounds of birds as I hiked the short trail and read the information.

The farmer here must be slightly annoyed at having to navigate around this section, but super-glad it's here (plus their corn is definitely knee-high, so at least it's turning out to be a good year!).

Thanks for the great destination and experience!

GC556BCLittle Free Library: Cedarburg Railway Depot ModelWisconsin06/30/21Oh, my! A geocache with an actual LOG book! I left a brief note with my signature - absolutely love this location, the little free library, and the cache container itself. Magnificent!
GC5TJD1Brick By BrickWisconsin06/30/21Of course the only gadget cache I try in the infamous West Bend is a color-cache! Though I love Lego, I do need the help of family members from time to time with the colors! Fortunately, I'm also a fan of LPL & have opened several of these before. It took a little bit, but eventually made the find and opened up the package. Lovely experience; thanks so much!
GC3B1Pike Powder HikeWisconsin07/01/21I love that these old caches usually aren't hard to find, just some effort in actually GETTING there.

Decided to go for the cache before climbing the tower which was a good idea as it was a bit more of a ways uphill. Plenty more great views up here as well.

Crazy to think that this tower was dedicated half a year AFTER the cache was in place! Geocache have been bringing people to the best locations since the very beginning. I'm honored to have found Wisconsin's oldest cache. Thanks so much to everyone for keeping this in play!

GC7ZT0ZPop Goes the WeaselMinnesota09/28/21Oh, how I've missed good gadget caches!! They always earn a favorite point from me! This one was simple, yet still fun. Thanks so much for placing and maintaining this!
GCPGJ8Zion Lutheran CacheIowa09/28/21Beautiful location and fun container! I waved to a couple of trail cams that watched me park, but otherwise had the place to myself. Lots of neat things to see here - including a wagon-wheel-bench that was unfortunately very overgrown. But still, a lot of beauty here. Thanks for bringing me here!
GC891KMVirtual Reward 2.0-Whimsy!Minnesota09/29/21Whimsical indeed! I'm exhausted from walking so much more than I expected today, but this was ABSOLUTELY worth the slight detour to check out. They look like a bunch of little minions. My favorite was the one taking a picture - I always try to take pictures of others taking pictures!
GC8XCDWMinneapolis Sculpture Garden Adventure Lab BonusMinnesota09/29/21I estimated the weather wrong for today's hike, but man it was worth it. A couple of great parks, a new geocaching experience, and finally a tricky bonus hide. I assumed I knew what I was looking for, but took some time to find the only shady spot and read some old logs. Didn't really help, but figured I'd feel around just one last time. Maybe taking a minute breather helped because I put my hand right on it!

Definitely a big thanks for the experience and of course another favorite point!

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