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scrambleD - Decisions

The 'D' used to be all Dark and Depressing, but I Decided to replace it with something more interesting. Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with anything Definite, so I came up with a few iDeas*, and figured I'd make a page, however underDeveloped for each of them. Then I made a game out of it, and then promptly became obsessed with it. It now keeps score if you have cookies enabled, and I keep adding new words as more people guess ones that Don't exist.

Deduce For Yourself!

The game's afoot! Pick a word that starts with D and try it out. See if I've made a page for it.


I found this in my tries database... not sure what I intended to do with it, but since the first thing that came up in a Google search was the Nintendo device, let me enumerate the Nintendo gaming systems I've owned over the years! ( not that many...including the fact that I've never owned a hand-held gaming system.

(Hey, I should really put this on C... maybe I'll put a link from C to here. Then people can get a bonus word on their tally...)

Try another word, tell me what you think, or head back to the Brain.

*iDeas is in no way an attempt to join the iProduct craze. iCan't stand it when iCrazy iPeople do that. iNsane!