Cool Stuff Inside the Bus

(Or... Fun things to do in the bus... and I didn't change the imageMap)

Warning: When I was a child I was often deemed "un-cool" by my peers. Actually I still am. So what I may think is cool inside a bus may be completely boring to you. I just ask that you bear with me. These are fun things I found inside busses that I never knew about before I became a driver.

October 2008 Update - I haven't been a bus driver since 2005, but it was still a highlight I will always remember. At one point I made some lists of fun things to do inside a bus. Now that I no longer run the risk of losing my job by posting this (for the 3 people who will ever view this page), I feel I can now share them with you all.

Fun Things for Passengers to do on the Bus

Fun Things to Do On the Bus as a Bus Driver

What to do When You're Bored at an End-Point

Anything to keep us from pushing that little red 'Save' button on the camera system that keeps calling out to us, "Push me! Push me!"


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