scramBled - BUS STUFF!!!!!!

In 2002, I was hired by CyRide, And it was a job I really loved. I was so excited about it, that I dedicated an entire letter of my site to Bus Stuff! But as the years went by, the page never got updated, and now that almost every letter is undergoing semi-regular updates, it's time to retire this page. But I haven't 100% relegated it to the archives, though it is linked from there. I thought about dividing up the B in the brain since it's so big, but for now, you can swap between Bus Stuff and Book Reviews via the link at the top-right of the page.

(And actually, it has been updated a bit since 2002... all the pages actually have content, and the image map no longer has the much-excited, but unfortunately-removed 'Virtual Tour of Base')

Enh, there are a few more windows. I'll add more as soon as I get some content up on the current links! 2009 ... or not.

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